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Detailed Property Data Glossary

Better understand ATTOM Data Solutions elements, report definitions, real estate insight and industry knowledge.

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There are currently 9 terms in this directory beginning with the letter P.
A parcel of land is a tract or plot of land owned by a particular individual.
Parcel Boundaries
Parcel boundaries refer to the geographical boundaries of a piece of land or an individual property. ATTOM utilize the geographical information systems (GIS) to provide the precise geometric boundary for each plot.
Percent of Housing Units
The percentage of housing units (from the U.S. Census bureau) that received at least one foreclosure filing during the year.
Points of Interest
Details basic information about each point of interest - Address and Latitude/Longitude, Distrance from the searh location, contact information and franchise information
Polluters were found using the Toxic Release Inventory Program. The goal of the Toxics Release Inventory program is to provide communities with information about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities and to support informed decision making at all levels by industry, government, non-governmental organizations, and the public.
Population refers to the number of individuals living in a select location. Demographic data on population size is predominantly derived from the census.
Postal ZIP Code
A postal zip code are the five or nine digit numbers tied to a postal address, brought into force by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to simplify mail delivery.
Property Characteristics
Property data covers more than 155 million properties nationwide with property characteristics that include: number of bedrooms/bathrooms, fire resistance, lot width & depth, sewer, square footage, porch or balcony, lot size in square feet or acres, type of heating and/or cooling system, construction material, lot number, electrical and more.
Property Use
Property use refers to the level of risk and related price of a property based on its use, as pertaining to a mortgage. Properties are characterized as low-risk - primary residence use, medium risk - second home use, and high risk - for use as an investment property.

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