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At ATTOM Data Solutions we strive to provide our customers with the most actionable and innovative real estate data solutions they need to drive decisions, growth and profits today and into the future. We are dedicated to our customers success and providing them the highest level of service. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out what some of our customers are saying about us…

“After researching some of the top firms to partner with we chose ATTOM Data for its 2.0 mentality when it comes to property data. The team at ATTOM, its vision and what ATTOM is doing aligned most with our company vision of this on-demand connectivity and where we’re headed. We all got it. It was the perfect alignment, so we went with it over the others.”

Andres S.,

CEO, Real estate property data and technology market network company, Trumbull, CT.

Real Estate Platforms

”Originally our company chose ATTOM Data Solutions because they delivered competitive pricing and allowed permissible use of the data attributes based on our use cases. Then, when ATTOM released Data-as-a-Service, we realized the value in such a solution. It gives us access to daily updates and allows us to easily ingest the data into our platform. “Accessing the daily updates and not having to handle the challenges of managing bulk data files is huge.”

Kamel B.,

CTO, Real estate data platform business, San Diego, CA.

“Our company carefully chose the markets to launch in based on extensive market trend data from ATTOM, including historical home price appreciation, gross rental yields, property values and equity, foreclosure activity, property characteristics such as year built and neighborhood characteristics such as school quality and crime rates.”

Adena H.,

Co-Founder , Real estate platform, San Francisco, CA

“We wanted to have a comprehensive data company that has a holistic approach to the retail data as well as the professional data. ATTOM data has this approach and offers well-rounded data that marries the retail and professional data in an insightful way. Along with the bulk property data, we can utilize ATTOM-powered RealtyTrac.com to feed potential consumer leads into the app.”

Real estate data platform, Irvine, CA

“There is so much data that you ATTOM provide us. Lawyers could use it. Realtors could use it to bring in new clientele. Auctions will be another opportunity. You’ve got the different exit strategies.”

Keith F.,

CEO , Real estate platform for distressed properties, New York, NY.

“There were a few companies that had the data, so it wasn’t like ATTOM was the only one. But I like the way they presented the data, and there was some flexibility so I could add some things and subtract some things. And the people were nice. I didn’t know if I could afford this. I didn’t know if people would like it or not. So, we were able to start out with flexible pricing. That worked out well for me because I could gauge whether my clients were interested or not, and we kept on getting more and more penetration. Then we decided to integrate into our overall product. And that’s when I went back to negotiate a fixed-price contract. And that is working out well.”

Barry F.,

CEO , Real estate marketing platform, Cove Springs, FL.

“ATTOM did the incredibly difficult work of combing and normalizing a massively fractured data landscape in the real estate industry. When you have millions of agents, millions of home sales and 40,000 zip codes in the US, it is a nearly herculean task to deliver all that information in a consumer-friendly and accurate way. ATTOM has data as a core part of its DNA. ATTOM’s data fuels RealtyTrac and in turn, the leads generated there fuel our business. It’s been a great partnership and we continue to look for ways to leverage more of ATTOM’s robust data sets and analysis. We put RealtyTrac and ATTOM through a rigorous lead testing process, as we do for all lead partners. The leads we invest in have to convert into real closings and though we started small, we now capture every possible lead we can from RealtyTrac because the leads work within our ecosystem and result in closings. Ultimately, our vendors are held to an incredibly high standard and ATTOM proved that it can deliver.”

Ben R.,

CEO, Online real estate leads platform, Austin, TX

Mortgage Companies

“Whether or not such an increase in originations occurs, our platform is set up to help lenders succeed thanks to its low-friction application process enabled by automated property data from ATTOM Data Solutions.”

Tendayi K.,

Chief Economist, Mortgage Industry, Charlotte, NC.

“Our company uses an automated property data pre-fill from ATTOM Data Solutions to streamline the insurance claims services and other services we provide to mortgage servicers.”

Denis B.,

CEO, Provider of specialty insurance management services for mortgage lenders, San Diego, CA.

Insurance Industry

“We have made ATTOM the data foundation of our digital title underwriting system”

Jim D.

President & General Counsel, Title Insurance Company

Artificial Intelligence Platform

“We’ve built this platform by aggregating data, including public record data from ATTOM on 155 million properties nationwide. We were evaluating ATTOM against another company, and really what it came down to for us was model accuracy and price. At a baseline, we wanted to make sure that our models would function as well or better with ATTOM data and that ATTOM data coverage was comparable or better than the other source. ATTOM passed this initial check with flying colors. “

Brad M.,

AI, Co-Founder and CEO, Pre-Market artificial intelligence platform, Austin, TX.

Private Lenders

“Property data from ATTOM helps fuel many aspects of our business including risk management and monitoring, loan origination, geographic targeting and preliminary title pulls to get a better understanding of loans as soon as they’re submitted. Another plus is that unlike other delivery solutions we have used, ATTOM’s Data-as-a-Solution or DaaS provides us with daily live updates of the data.”

Maksim S.,

Co-Founder and COO, Private lender company, New York, NY.

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