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Bespoke Data for Real Estate Legal Professionals

Quality property data solutions hone the discovery process so that lawyers can better serve clients. Legal professionals leverage data to supplement judgment, experience, and the decision-making process. ATTOM’s real estate data sets are a rich and convenient resource for the real estate legal profession.

  • Develop supporting facts for legal arguments.
  • Accelerate case processing and reduce time spent on discovery.
  • Reduce backlogs and trim costs by employing smart data solutions.
  • Access case history data on demand.
  • Fine-tune legal consulting services with robust, accurate data insights and analytics.
  • Access data such as foreclosure and ownership data.
  • Optimize lead generation and improve the client pipeline.

Streamline Lead Generation

With ATTOM’s real estate data sets, lead generation is automatic and optimized. ATTOM’s solutions, such as marketing lists and real estate market trends enable guided and informed marketing decisions for legal professionals in the real estate industry, so they spend less time seeking new business and more time serving clients.

Benefits for Property & Real Estate Legal Professionals

  • Access to extensive property data sets for legal professionals.
  • Satisfied and loyal clients.
  • A reputation as the go-to data provider for real estate legal advice and services.
  • Increased ROI through efficiencies in marketing and discovery.
  • Provide the utmost in property and financial advice and services.

Build a Legal Powerhouse Based on Real-time Property Data

  • Provide quality, end-to-end litigation consulting services.
  • Power your property litigation and consulting with comprehensive real estate data and flexible delivery solutions.
  • Conduct thorough analyses and data collection so that you can educate and service clients.

How Can Real Estate Legal Professionals Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Reduce fees for clients by shortening the time spent on discovery.

ATTOM data is easily accessed. Targeted analytics drive and expedite the research process.

New Borrowers

Apply data-driven smart solutions to reduce backlogs.

Strengthen your defense strategies and speed up resolution time for land and real estate property acquisition, construction and lease contracts, and foreclosure.

Financial Services

Build a loyal client base.

Anticipate evolving trends and provide the strategic insights and expert legal advice your clients demand.

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