Property & Neighborhood Data for Ecommerce

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Operationalize Data, Not Capital

Efficiency is critical for ecommerce platforms and companies, where consumer purchase decisions are often based on the customer experience and speed of delivery. ATTOM creates operational efficiencies without the need for firms to hire additional workers or spend capital on expensive equipment or services for their ecommerce businesses.

Kickstart Your Deliveries with ATTOM’s Property Data

There’s power in property data. With property data, logistics and delivery routes are improved, household insights probe deeper, marketing and outreach efforts become more profitable, and succeeding in a competitive environment becomes easier.

With targeted real estate data, delivery routes for drivers are more efficient and able to avoid dense traffic and other hindrances. Consumer demographic trends are revealed through analytics and allow ecommerce websites to anticipate sales, plan inventory, and gauge which areas will have higher demand for products.

The ecommerce industry must protect the consumer and prevent identity theft. ATTOM’s property data identifies vacant homes where deliveries should be avoided and locations vulnerable to identity theft schemes.

Benefits for Ecommerce

  • Optimal delivery operations for increased ROI.
  • Accurate sales projections based on regional demographic and consumer data.
  • Streamlined and targeted marketing for maximum conversions. 

How the Ecommerce Industry Can Use ATTOM?

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