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Detailed Property Data Glossary

Better understand ATTOM Data Solutions elements, report definitions, real estate insight and industry knowledge.

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There are currently 7 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Market Trends
Market trend reports that start with contextual value and allow customization to meet your specific business need
Marketing List
A tailored marketing list, created to meet your specific business needs. Target homeowners using various property datasets, such as: property status, property characteristics and loan data
Match & Append
Matching a customers input (usually an address) to an ATTOM ID, and appending the requested data, such as assessor, recorder, etc.
Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) are geographical reigons composed of a city, surrounding suburbs, and any closely interlinked communities.
MLS Data
Nationwide MLS listing and sales data, complementing ATTOMs supply of assessor and recorder data. This dataset for analytics use brings to the table more than 70 million listings and 45 million sales, with an average MLS history of 11 years. Listing data captured includes some basics about a property, MLS status, list price, agent and broker info, etc.
Mortgage Backed Securities
Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) refers to shares of a mortgage sold as tradable assets.
Mortgage Loans Data
Public records for mortgage data covers a lot of details from purchases, loans, lenders, borrowers, amounts, interest rate, origination date, and recording date, as well as other important features are all included. Dataset includes details on amount, rate, lender information on all loans, lien position on open loans and total estimated equity on property.

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