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Reliable Rental Market Data

Knowing a home’s monthly rental value is important in many real estate use cases, whether you’re trying to enhance your portfolio’s rental rates, empower your marketing efforts, or guide your investment strategies.

ATTOM’s Rental AVM (automated valuation model) solution delivers automated rental estimates on a monthly basis, arming real estate professionals with reliable values to help them make better decisions for their businesses and their clients. Built from the foundation of our nationwide property database, our Rental AVM solution provides rent estimates for over 72 million single-family residences nationwide.

Better Data, Better Rental Values

Rental income depends on deriving an accurate rent for a property. The rent valuation reflects property characteristics, such as the number of bedrooms and square footage; a property’s location and distance from points of interest; local neighborhoods; market conditions, such as unemployment, income, crime, and school rankings; and historical rents. ATTOM’s Rental AVM considers these features and provides estimated high and low monthly rental values for U.S. single-family and condos.

Our rental estimates use ATTOM’s nationwide property database. Properties are grouped and localized using best-in-class geospatial layers so that valuations consider neighborhoods, school districts, county subdivisions, and zip code. ATTOM then uses the nationwide rental dataset as a benchmark against which to generate rental estimates. For areas with limited or no rental data, we infer rates using regional metrics.

We use three main avenues to generate estimates:


Using our automated valuation model, we generate an estimate using a derived Gross Rent Multiplier.


We compute rent estimates by comparing property characteristics.


In areas that don’t have AVMs or for properties that lack characteristics, we apply a generalized rent rate that’s considered typical for the area.

How You Can Use ATTOM’s Rental AVM Data?


Real Estate Investors

Apply property rental values to ROI models and geo-based analytics to determine which properties can outperform the market.
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Financial Services

Real Estate Portals

Increase traffic and user engagement by offering rental values and search capabilities. Boost SEO metrics with AVM rental keywords.
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Financial Services


A rental AVM report instills confidence in investors and clients when making business decisions.
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Verify rental values and ranges for underwriting investment property loans.
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Financial Services

Create insightful reports for trend and risk analysis calculations for portfolio and risk management.
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Financial Services


List potential rental incomes for properties and better serve the investor community.
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What is a Rental AVM?

A rental AVM is an automated valuation model (AVM) for rental properties. It can provide users with an estimated monthly rental value (as well as a high and low range) for a property they may be considering investing in. It can also help users extrapolate local trends and for mortgage lending purposes.

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