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School Data
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Comprehensive School Data Gives Users a Competitive Advantage

ATTOM’s nationwide school data covers both private and public schools (K-12), as well as details on school districts, colleges and universities. For home buyers, renters, investors and other real estate professionals, knowing the reputation and details of local schools and school districts, along with opportunities for higher education in the area, can be an important feature. School data can be an essential component for users when deciding on where to buy or rent.

Big Data, Big Demand

With more than 130,000 private and public schools (K-12) in ATTOM’s national database and data fields that can be grouped into various categories, ATTOM has the data to fit your needs.

Not to mention, datasets are available at the collegiate level that include detailed academic, financial and student life information grouped into the following categories:

School Data Analysis at Your Fingertips

School Districts Data

School Districts (K-12)

Nationwide coverage of school district data, including district ranking, enrollment, funding, choice school offerings, and much more to assist homebuyers in choosing the right school district for their children.

School Profiles Data (k-12)

School Profiles (K-12)

Nationwide coverage of both public and private schools, providing enrollment, programs offered, funding, school rankings, and much more to assist homebuyers in choosing the right schools for their children.  Our extensive private school data includes charter, magnet, special education, and religious schools.

School Ratings & Reviews Data

School Ratings & Reviews

Locate the best elementary, middle and high schools in your neighborhood by reviewing valuable and direct parent and student feedback on school safety, health measures, academics, athletics, teachers and more.

School Test Scores Data

School Test Scores

Understand a school’s proficiency with data gathered from the Department of Education on various school state examination test scores, along with the school’s historical averages per year.

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What is school data?

School data provides information on local schools, colleges, and universities. This data may include information on both private and public schools. This data typically provides information on teachers, test scores, school programs, enrollment, school and college reviews, student demographics, enrollment, and local crime statistics.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s School Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Real Estate Portals

Brokerages and agents can leverage the school zone data directly to their website, enabling users the ability to view schools in areas that may be of interest

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Financial Services

Institutional Investors

Real estate and institutional investors can use school data to determine the quality of schools within a neighborhood when they are investigating the health of a community to invest in.

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New Borrowers


Third party companies can build products to target specific audiences interested in the quality of schools their children could attend.

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ATTOM’s Data is Your Business Advantage



A multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse that contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties including:

  • 70+ Billion Rows of Data
  • 9,000 Data Fields
  • 30TB Warehouse
  • 99% Population Coverage

Quality Data

Our rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data we collect:

  • Property Address Standardization
  • Owner Name Parsing
  • ATTOM ID Matching
  • Fusion of Multi-Sourced Data
  • Data Governance

Learn more about ATTOM and view our Table of Data Elements.

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