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ATTOM’s Propensity to Default

Combines historical real estate data with AI-powered analytics to help identify properties that are at risk of going into foreclosure.

ATTOM’s Rental AVM

ATTOM’s Rental AVM considers a range of data points unsurpassed by its competitors and provides estimated high and low monthly rental values for U.S. single-family homes and condos.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM), Real Estate Valuations

Powered by ATTOM’s nationwide database, discover the core concepts and functionality of the ATTOM AVM and our valuation process.

ATTOM Cloud: Cloud Solution for Real Estate & Property Data

Designed to support a wide range of application and industries, learn about ATTOM Clouds rich telemetry collection that provides deep insight for your business.

How ATTOM is Powering Real Estate Innovation

Get a deep look into how real estate companies are utilizing ATTOM to revolutionize and disrupt the housing market.

The Return of Risk: Subprime Sneaking Back

What is subprime lending and what are the risks associated? The mortgage meltdown is widely identified with subprime lending so why should the return of such loans be welcomed?

Housing Precogs: Big Data Predictions Beyond Heuristic Hunches

Today heuristic hunches are out, big data is in, and the artificial intelligence revolution is taking the real estate world by storm.

Private Lending Goes Public

Where traditional lenders fear to tread others see demand. Private lenders – are looking for a bigger share of the marketplace. And they seem to be getting it.