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Property Data for Banks & Financial Institutions

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Real Estate and Property Data for Banks & Lending Institutions

ATTOM’s data sets reveal trends in the real estate lending market at the national, regional, and local levels. Our smart analytics can better assess risks so that you can lend with confidence and build a robust lending portfolio.

  • Generate capital market reports with a click.
  • Track the sources and types of capital flowing into and out of any market or submarket.
  • Detect emerging pricing and liquidity trends for residential and commercial property types.
  • Analyze sales information, including the buyers, sellers, and lenders.
  • Collate insights into the assets and liabilities of clients and stakeholders.
  • Identify debt placement opportunities.
  • Access loan origination and maturity dates.
  • Access data on tax assessments, zoning, financing, and transactions.
  • Create marketing lists to broaden your client base.

Strengthen Lending Activity with Data

By partnering with ATTOM, you have access to the U.S. property database and real estate market analytics trends and insights.

Benefits for Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Accurate risk assessments based on predictive indicators.
  • Precise exit forecasts from sale and lease comps for accurate valuations.
  • Targeted marketing based on active buyers, sellers, and broker lists.
  • New business from identified owners who may be in a position to refinance.
  • Insights into borrower exposure from portfolio data.
  • Tracking of property construction so that you can develop a business pipeline.
  • Proactive stance to lending amidst market changes by creating multi-year forecasts.

Leverage the power of ATTOM as a real estate data provider and take the uncertainty out of real estate financing.

How Can Banks & Financial Institutions Use ATTOM?

New Borrowers

Move real estate lending best practices into the digital age.

Build collaboration tools for buyers, agents, and loan officers, and power your customer-facing finance mobile apps with ATTOM’s property data sets.

Distressed Property Owners

Update lending and financing best practices.

Review detailed property analytics, conduct real-time and accurate risk analysis, and research historical financing performance.

Financial Services

Use key performance indicators to benchmark properties for risk assessment.

Track real estate construction and renovations, and obtain images and floorplans for accurate comparison among similar properties.

Financial Services

Integrate ATTOM property data with your platform solutions.

ATTOM’s data solutions are easily appended to your existing and legacy systems.

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!