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Property Data

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The most robust collection of U.S. property data including Assessor Tax Data, Legal Descriptions, Zoning Uses, Geocodes, Property Characteristics, House Size, Building Permits, Lot Size, Addresses, Interior and Exterior Features all compiled in one, easy to access data warehouse. Real Estate investors, financial institutions and more use detailed real property data to better understand the overall picture of a property. Let ATTOM be your go-to data provider to elevate your business to the next level.

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Real Property Data at Your Fingertips

Tax Assessor Data

Assessor Tax

Includes publicly available property ownership information compiled by county tax assessor offices. The best assortment of Assessor Data includes many details in the following categories: Property Identification, Ownership, Address, Legal Description, Values and Taxes, and Characteristics as made available by the county sources.


HOA Fees

HOA Fees

HOA contact and fees data identifies properties that are part of a Homeowner Association. The product includes detailed contact and fee information on the HOA.

Property Addres Data


Provide searchability by physical location of most buildings, whether it be residential, commercial, land or other structures, to better identify boundaries, census-tracking, mail routing and more.

Property Legal Description

Property Legal Description

Gain valuable insight on a property’s county accepted description, outside of the property address. A property’s legal description contains information used to identify a specific parcel of land. The detailed information assists those in the industry to assure themselves in working with the correct property, as made available by the county sources.

Property Characteristics

Property Characteristics

Property characteristics nationwide that include: number of bedrooms/bathrooms, stories, lot area, sewer & electrical, building/living square footage, porch or balcony, garage details, heating and cooling details, interior and exterior construction materials, lot description details, and more.

Property Interior Features

Interior Features

Discover detailed primary interior features, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, finished / unfinished basement and attic square footage and much more, as made available by the county sources.

Property Exterior Features Data

Exterior Features

Exterior features data breaks out a property’s key components, such as fireplaces, garage type, roof, pool and spa details, and more, as made available by the county sources.

Lot Size
House Size Data

House Size

Better understand the building and living footage of residential, commercial, and industrial property types. This may include individual floor footages, along with attic and basement information, as made available by the county sources.

Lot Size

Lot Size

An important component of any property is an accurate lot size. If you are wanting to expand on a property with an outdoor shed, stand-alone garage or needing more detail, having an accurate property lot size is key.

Property Zoning Data

Property Zoning

Local jurisdiction Zoning Codes from ATTOM feature classifications made available by the local (city or county) zoning, building and/or code enforcement departments for all property types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Zoning data assists in providing allowable uses when developing land.

Geocodes Data


A geocode is a set of coordinates, usually longitude and latitude, representing a specific physical location. Precise latitude/longitude coordinates for a property make mapping applications accurate. Address-based interpolation and Parcel-centroid methods are both ways geocoding is used to locate a parcel.

Building Permits Data

Building Permits

With residential and commercial data for over 200 million building permits from over 2,000 building departments nationwide, ATTOM’s building permit data is updated monthly with historical insight, detailed permit classifiers and covers 94% of the nation’s top cities.

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What is Real Property Data?

Property data encompasses detailed information on a commercial or residential property in a specific geographical location. This data may include information such as property characteristics, location, size, ownership, zoning, legal description, and interior and exterior features.

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How Can You Use ATTOM’s Property Data?

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Real Estate

Build intelligent solutions to enable address verification and report analyses that provide investors, realtors and appraisers with detailed analytics.
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Assess zoning codes to ensure proper planning and development.
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Enhance risk assessment with assessor data to verify ownership or legal description of a property.
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Gain critical insight into the significant events in the “life” of a property utilizing building permit data to help analyze risk.
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Home Repair and Improvement

Target homeowners who may be looking to add new exterior or interior features to their home or those who have recently applied for a building permit.

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Discover the ATTOM Data Difference Webinar

Get a detailed look into the ever-expanding ATTOM Table of Data Elements and learn how ATTOM’s comprehensive real estate and property data solutions can be used to drive revenue, generate leads, mitigate risk and more.


Discover how two clients, from the real estate and insurance industries, use ATTOM to power their business.

  • TopHap, a real estate technology company, which at a very high-level visualizes real estate market trends and conditions. Anton gives us an in-depth demo, while showing the secret sauce of their home search platform, that allows anybody in any region the ability to truly understand a market across the nation.
  • SES Risk Solutions, a leading provider of insurance services for large portfolios of real estate.  Discusses how since implementing ATTOM’s data into their business, they were able to build propriety risk scores using machine learning models, which have improved their loss ratio, profitability and allowed them to gain support for their industry leading carriers that they do business for.

  • Sean Mooney, VP of Product Management, ATTOM Data Solutions
  • Anton Danilovich, CEO, TopHap
  • Harrison Burka, Lead Business Analyst, SES Risk Solutions

ATTOM’s Data is Your Business Advantage



A multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse that contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties including:

  • 70+ Billion Rows of Data
  • 9,000 Data Fields
  • 30TB Warehouse
  • 99% Population Coverage

Quality Data

Our rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data we collect:

  • Property Address Standardization
  • Owner Name Parsing
  • ATTOM ID Matching
  • Fusion of Multi-Sourced Data
  • Data Governance

Learn more about ATTOM and view our Table of Data Elements.

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