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Use ATTOM’s property data superset to power your analytical models, products and platforms

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ATTOM Property Data Coverage

  • 150,000,000+ total parcels
  • 3,142 U.S. counties
  • 99% U.S. population
  • 13.9 billion total data records

Property Data Superset

Advanced technology facilitates data collection and maintenance from multiple sources on a proprietary, reliable platform. Over 400 sources contribute to ATTOM to create the most complete property data superset available.

Exclusive ATTOM ID

The innovative ATTOM ID ensures data consistency and ease of integration by acting as a single, unique identifier regardless of the data’s source that links disparate data elements together, enabling ATTOM to deliver data in one easily ingestible file.

Flexible Solutions

ATTOM provides customers with broad usage rights and pricing structure flexibility to meet unique business needs. We offer data solutions with customizable options by data elements, geographic coverage and update frequency.

Data Fanatics Who Put You First

A responsive, high-touch team that works with you from testing, to onboarding, to integration and beyond to ensure you receive the best data and customer experience possible.