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Utilizing ATTOM’s Superset of Property Data to Power Analytical Models, Products and Platforms
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Transparency with ATTOM
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Designed to support a wide range of applications and industries, ATTOM’s Bulk Property Data Licensing allows you to host our nationwide real estate datasets directly on your servers. Our premium property data is the most comprehensive in the industry and our advanced real estate data licensing offers you the data you need at your fingertips. Our multi-sourced national property data warehouse contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties with nearly 30 billion rows of transactional-level data and more than 7,200 discrete attributes. ATTOM’s nine terabyte (TB) data warehouse powers real estate data transparency.


The ATTOM Data Difference

ATTOM is the definition of property data, surrounded by data fanatics who put you first. A responsive, high-touch team that works with you from testing, to onboarding, to integration and beyond to ensure you receive the best real estate data and customer experience possible.

  • Highest Quality Real Estate Data
  • Flexible Permitted Uses
  • Secure and Robust Property Data Supersets
  • Customizable File Delivery Solutions

ATTOM Client Case Studies

See how our customers are utilizing ATTOM’s Property Data to fuel their business.

Lending Tree Logo

LendingTree optimizes its digital mortgage applications process with bulk property data.


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CARTO unlocks the power of spatial analysis and is the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform. Enabling organizations to use spatial data and analysis for more efficient business processes and strategies.

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What is bulk data licensing?

Bulk Property Data Licensing enables real estate companies to host real estate datasets directly on their servers. From powering real estate portals to identifying property trends in-house, bulk data licensing provides direct access to property data.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Bulk Real Estate Data Licensing?

Insurance Companies

Averages & Trends

When you need property data in-house to identify trends or plot projections, ATTOM’s bulk offering is the perfect solution.

Investment Research

Websites & Portals

Ingest all the data you need to publish property related web pages or power your real property research portal.



Supports your targeted marketing, competitive reporting, or collateral enrichment efforts with data driven results for print or digital marketing.

OSHA Compliance

Analytics & Risk

When deep analysis and risk scoring using multiple correlated datasets is mission critical, ATTOM’s best of breed property centric bulk data can yield the insights you are looking for.

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!