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Complete Understanding of a Property
Utilizing Building Permit Data

ATTOM’s building permit data gives you critical insight into the significant events in the “life” of a property. With over 200 million building permits from over 2,000 building departments nationwide, ATTOM offers the industry’s most complete and comprehensive building permit data.

Nationwide Coverage, Comprehensive Data

Building Permit Data Includes:

  • Classification of Permit Type (i.e., Solar Installation, Foundations, Roofing, etc.)
  • Permit Status
  • Cost of Job
  • Description of Job
  • Contractor Information
  • and more
  • Over 200 Million Building Permits
  • Updated Monthly
  • Permit Classifiers
  • Historical
  • Covering 94% of the Nation’s Top Cities
  • Residential and Commercial Properties

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Building Permit Data?

Applications Use


Assess risk based on the history of work done (or not done) and understand any changes to a property that might impact insurability or claims payouts.

Analytics Models

Real Estate

Get the entire picture of a home’s value for potential buyers and sellers and identify possible home sales based on permit filings.

Real Estate Portals


Identify customers needing specific products or upcoming projects based on classification of building permits.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Investors

Discover potential home acquisitions based on remodeling projects and better understand the total cost of ownership.

Mortgage Companies


Identify inspection as well as appraisal opportunities.

Local Search Marketing

Hedge Funds

Assess buying and selling opportunities for public companies.

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What is building permit data?

Building permit data lets you know what work has been done on a building, by who, and when. Derived from building permits from building permit departments, this kind of data provides information on classification of permit types (e.g. roofing), the status of a permit, the cost of the work being done, information on the contractor who undertook the job, and more detailed information on the work undertaken.

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