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Data Driven Commercial Real Estate Investments

Commercial real estate investors demand targeted data analysis that not all data platforms can offer. ATTOM has the most recent information crucial to commercial real estate investment decisions, such as public records, assessor data, foreclosures, equity data, and property vacancies. Our robust commercial real estate data, combined with your platform solutions, are the tools investors need to make the best investment decisions.

Users of ATTOM:

  • Improve analytics on purchases, rentals, and developments.
  • Strengthen their platform and client portfolios with extensive, robust datasets.
  • Find active cash buyers for clients.
  • Power lead generation and CRM software tools for the real estate investor.
  • Find vacant properties for clients.
  • Create transactional reports for commercial real estate investors, licensed real estate agents, or brokers.
  • Create market analysis and property valuation scenarios for data-driven investment decisions.

Be a Vital Component of Commercial Real Estate Investment Decisions

Accurate market analyses and property valuation scenarios are must-haves for commercial real estate investors. ATTOM’s 20TB data warehouse is the most comprehensive on the market. ATTOM is focused on delivering the right commercial real estate data  and solutions for your clients.

Benefits for commercial real estate data platforms

  • A dynamic combination of ATTOM data and in-house intelligent solutions.
  • The ability to produce unique analytics and reports for clients.
  • Satisfied clients.
  • A reputation for excellence.

Guide your commercial real estate clients to the next lucrative investment.

Understand Commercial Real Estate Trends

ATTOM’s data reveals trends in the commercial real estate market. These trends can be sensitive to political, economic, and local events. ATTOM is your property data provider that enables you to quickly pick up on trends and interpret the potential implications for clients.

  • Keep your clients one step ahead of market conditions.
  • Use data for a proactive—not reactive—investment strategy.

How Can Commercial Real Estate Data Platforms Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Combine property datasets and analytical reports with intelligent solutions

Integrate public records, assessor, foreclosure, equity, and vacancy data to empower client investment decisions.

New Borrowers

Tailor analytics and reports to the needs of each client

Whether your client is looking at a multi-housing development or a retail center, optimize their business decisions using ATTOM.

Financial Services

Power the commercial real estate industry

Use our data to boost the commercial real estate market and your clients’ portfolios.

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!

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