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Data Match & Append Services

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Enhance Your Data with ATTOM’s Match & Append Solution

ATTOM matches with greater accuracy, better coverage and can produce a higher match rate in a shorter period of time by matching customer input (usually an address) to an ATTOM ID, and appending the requested data, such as assessor, recorder, etc. Our clients gain a greater level of confidence because they can receive a more accurate file to begin with. This leads to a better value for our customers who not only receive more of the data they were looking for, but with superior capability to power their business needs.

How Match & Append Services Work

The quality of the input is the strongest influencer of match rate.

Here’s How it Works:


ATTOM starts with an address standardization process using proprietary data, which results in improved match rates.


Once complete, the number of matches between addresses and an ATTOM ID with a match score is demonstrated.


All matched input addresses are then appended with data from the ATTOM Data warehouse.


Depending on the size of the match & append and client’s preferences, files can be delivered in Excel, delimited ASCII via email or over FTP.

Benefits of Match & Append Data Enhancement

  • Ease of Access
    Quarterly updates make the largest database accurate with data at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Dataset
    Improve your data quality by adding additional data to an existing dataset.
  • Improved Decision Making
    Make informed data-driven decisions with more robust data analysis options.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Match & Append Services?



Create targeted marketing lists or recipient-specific collateral content.

KPI Measurements

KPI Measurements

Leverage leading referral KPI indicators.

Data Augmentation

Data Augmentation

Enhance your existing data with additional data for specific addresses.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Fulfill multiple business needs, such as marketing, customer retention, cross-sell initiatives, loan preparation, document services, lien monitoring and more.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Streamline work processes, implement cost savings, and strengthen your analysis of competitive lending activity.

Local Search Marketing

Improved Data Quality

Regularly updated or enhance your dataset with new data to increase your overall data quality.

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What is data match and append?

Data Match & Append matches customer information and enriches current data with new information from third-party datasets. You can use data Match and Append to create targeted marketing lists, improve your customer retention rates, undertake data augmentation, enhance your data quality, and more.

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