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Property Valuation Data

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Real Estate Valuation Data to Gain that Competitive Edge

The ATTOM Data Solutions warehouse includes assessor data for over 155 million properties and their valuations, and by the county record if applicable. Also included is recorder data for more 430 million transactions covering over 3,140 counties. All this nationwide property data feeds our proprietary Loan Model engine, which generates the estimated loan positions, balances, and equity for a property. ATTOM offers the most flexible selection of comprehensive datasets and possesses the strongest data continuity across our delivery platforms.

ATTOM Offers Accurate Real Estate Valuations Data

Improve your target marketing or prospecting to increase your sold rate. Mitigate risk by using robust property market value data and improve your business decision process.



A technologically advanced property automated valuation model providing results with increased transparency through the application of robust statistical procedures to property data from the nation’s largest multi-sourced property database.

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Rental AVM

ATTOM’s Rental AVM provides estimated monthly rental values for U.S. residential properties. Offering nationwide coverage for over 80 million single-family residences encompassing various property characteristics to deliver the most accurate rental AVM on the market.

Assessor Tax Value Data

Assessor Tax Values

The annual tax amount calculated by the county’s tax collector or local taxing authority for real estate property. This is generally a percentage (i.e. 1.1%) of the Assessed or Market Value.

Large Rental Properties
Assessor Market Value Data

Assessor Market Values

During a reassessment of a home’s property tax evaluation, an assessor will estimate a property’s value in relationship to comparable sales. This value is ultimately used by the assessor to determine the tax liability.

Rental Home
Home Equity Data

Home Equity

The difference between a property’s current market value and the remaining debt that is owed on the property’s mortgage. 

Real Estate Comps Data

Comparable Sales

During an evaluation of a property, a comparable sales report is derived, which shows the price of home sales within the surrounding area to help determine the value of a home. Various property characteristics are taken into account during the analysis.

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How Can You Use ATTOM’s Valuation Data?

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Real Estate

Get enhanced comparison reports on estimated sales price details, event details, snapshots, and history details that help provide a more complete picture of a property.
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Institutional Investors

Combine valuation data with other sources of data, such as neighborhood, parcel boundaries, or pre-mover data, to get a better understanding of a neighborhood and its investment potential.
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Improve business decision processes and mitigate risk using various analytic applications like insurance quote estimation, property-specific service estimates, or property and market evaluations.
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Increase sold rate by targeting the right prospects the first time. Create accurate prospect lists, collateral content and detailed marketing performance reports.

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ATTOM’s Real Estate Valuation Data Webinar

Listen to an in-depth discussion from ATTOM’s Vice President of Product Management, Sean Mooney as he discusses the various real estate valuation datasets that ATTOM provides and how they are being utilized by customers to gain a competitive edge.

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This webinar will cover:

  • ATTOM AVM – What is an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) and what elements are included in our model
  • Tax Assessor Values – Understanding and utilizing the various values available from assessor data
  • Estimated Home Equity – How we estimate home equity and why it’s important
  • Estimated Sales Values – What is an estimate sales value and how you can use it
  • And more…

ATTOM’s Data is Your Business Advantage



A multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse that contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties including:

  • 70+ Billion Rows of Data
  • 9,000 Data Fields
  • 30TB Warehouse
  • 99% Population Coverage

Quality Data

Our rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data we collect:

  • Property Address Standardization
  • Owner Name Parsing
  • ATTOM ID Matching
  • Fusion of Multi-Sourced Data
  • Data Governance

Learn more about ATTOM and view our Table of Data Elements.

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