Real Estate Data for Institutional Investors

Let ATTOM Drive Your Property and Real Estate Decisions.

Build a Stronger Portfolio with ATTOM

With ATTOM’s robust bulk real estate data, you can be confident that your analyses point to the best investments. Our data covers demographics, financial transactions, pre-foreclosures and foreclosures, market movements, taxes, neighborhood, and school information. Our data reveals market trends so that your investment strategy is proactive and information-based.

Institutional Investors Use ATTOM To:

Identify foreclosures and sales activity for internal analytics.

Analyze local demographics to determine future market movements.

Analyze economic and financial data to assess risk.

ATTOM is Your Single Source for Property Data

ATTOM draws on a 20TB data warehouse that collects and integrates data points from demographics, property transactions, tax records, foreclosures, environmental risk and natural hazard information, and neighborhood data. We can accommodate all your real estate data needs and streamline your investment decision making.

Benefits for Institutional Real Estate Investors

  • Rapid investment decisions.
  • Less time spent on investment research.
  • Robust portfolio growth with managed risk.
  • Accurate analytics and predictive reports from ATTOM’s bulk property data.
  • A trusted property data provider.

Good real estate investments are based on your intelligent solutions powered by ATTOM.

Manage Risk in Your Portfolio with Accurate and Extensive Data

ATTOM’s data is targeted, detailed, and real-time, enabling you to effectively spot market trends to better manage risk.

  • Follow transactional data to gauge demand and market trends.
  • Analyze changes in demographics and the local economy.
  • Be fully informed before investing or divesting with our property search tools.
  • Develop a consistent portfolio growth plan with consistent data.

How Can Institutional Investors Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Analyze Risk

Be confident in your investing or divesting strategies by basing them on extensive datasets and analytics reports.

New Borrowers

Streamline and optimize your investment decision making

ATTOM addresses all your data needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and solutions.

Financial Services

Build a better portfolio with better data

Partner with ATTOM and watch your portfolio grow.

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!

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