Neighborhood Data

Discover macro-neighborhood, school district boundaries, and other authoritative sources within the neighborhood dataset. Save marketing dollars by researching potential communities to understand the demographics and market to only the ideal areas using community data. Help prospective clients find the right neighborhoods to move into by searching the School data for public and private school (K-12) options. Discover points of interests and environment hazards of an area to highlight attractive areas for prospective buyers or investors. Neighborhood data covers the entire U.S., which includes over 502 metros, 328,356 residential subdivisions, and 40,878 neighborhood boundaries.

Neighborhood Data

ATTOM Neighborhood Data

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ATTOM provides premium neighborhood data to power products that improve transparency, innovation, efficiency and disruption in a data-driven economy. An in-house team of property data experts with decades of combined experience is ready to handle any question thrown at them so our customers can focus on growing their business, not researching arcane property data terms. Customers tell us ATTOM provides better quality neighborhood data, better customer service and a more collaborative approach than our competitors provide. And we welcome you to take our data for a test drive so you can experience this for yourself!

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A multi-sourced, enhanced national property data warehouse that contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties including:

  • 29.6 Billion Rows of Data
  • 7,200 Data Fields
  • 9TB Warehouse
  • 99% Population Coverage

Quality Data

Our rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data we collect:

  • Property Address Standardization
  • Owner Name Parsing
  • ATTOM ID Matching
  • Fusion of Multi-Sourced Data
  • Data Governance

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