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Parcel Boundary Data

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U.S. parcel boundaries represent the boundaries of a piece of land or an individual property. Through geographical information systems (GIS), counties map such boundaries and compile them into a larger map that includes all properties within the county, a process which occurs regularly as property boundaries are split, combined or modified, ensuring accurate and current data. When combined with specific data attributes about a property, parcel boundary data provides more complete information on each property or set of properties, which can be a very powerful tool.

Extensive Nationwide Coverage

ATTOM provides the most extensive US parcel boundary data for more than 155 million properties nationwide. This is infused with ATTOM’s proprietary database to provide a comprehensive look at the boundaries and specific attributes of such properties.

Multi-Purpose and Easily Integrated Parcel Boundary Dataset

ATTOM’s parcel boundary files are updated monthly, guaranteeing current and accurate data, and are delivered according to the industry standard geographic system format, shapefiles. This ensures easy integration into existing map-oriented applications such as online listing portals, research tools, business intelligence mapping and public safety and demographic applications. The files also easily integrate with analytics models such as site location analytics and risk analysis that require highly accurate location information.

Parcel Boundary Data Tailored to Your Company’s Needs!

ATTOM offers two parcel boundary delivery methods in order to provide our clients solutions tailored towards their needs. The Essential provides the parcel shapes file, an indexing file, and property identification codes including the ATTOM ID, APN and FIPS codes. The Plus includes the aforementioned data as well as the parcel address, ownership, last sale information and fundamental property characteristics.

Data Essential Plus
Parcel / Property Boundary Map Yes Yes
Identifiers (ATTOM ID, APN, FIPS, etc.) Yes Yes
Ownership Information Yes
Profile Information Yes
Last Sale Amount Yes
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What is parcel boundary data?

Parcel boundaries are the boundaries of a property or plot of land. Counties use geographical information systems (GIS) to map boundaries. These are then compiled into a larger map that reflects each property within that county. Parcel boundary data is key for undertakings like spatial analysis, catastrophe mapping, and land use.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Parcel Boundary Data?

Real Estate Portals

Real Estate Portals

Display maps showing the boundary lines for target and surrounding properties along with other relevant data specific to the selected parcel.

Land Use

Land Use

Display parcels on a jurisdictional map and correlate to current zoning, proposed zoning under review, and planned zoning areas.



Create maps with parcels created for subdivision development, existing neighborhood subdivisions, and large parcels or areas that are able to be subdivided.


Catastrophe Mapping

Demonstrate accurate per-property historical natural catastrophes for events like fires, tornados, and hail with parcel boundaries.


Catastrophe Risk

Create maps with per-property risk level for various types of natural hazards and catastrophes.


Flood Plains

Display parcels on a map with superimposed flood zone locations for analysis, zoning, permitted property use, and insurance estimates.

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