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Detailed Property Data Glossary

Better understand ATTOM Data Solutions elements, report definitions, real estate insight and industry knowledge.

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There are currently 110 terms in this directory
An address details the exact location of a residential or commercial property. Our assessor data includes up-to-date address information for properties nationwide.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
An adjustable-rate mortgage sees the interest rate of a property change at different intervals: five, seven, or ten years.
A real estate agent is licensed to arrange and guide real estate transactions between property buyers and sellers.
Air Pollution
Air pollution refers to the levels of: carbon monoxide, particulate matter, fine particles, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, or sulfur dioxide in the air. Air quality is monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency.
All-Cash Purchases
Sales where no loan is recorded at the time of sale and where ATTOM has coverage of loan data.
Application Programming Interface (API) - Real time property data access through a direct connection with your software, websites and apps making data retrieval and display a seamless process
To secure a mortgage loan, properties must be appraised to assess their value. A property's value will be determined by property features and the value of surrounding properties.
An area typically refers to a select region or part of a town, city, country, or world.
Assessed Values
The assessed value of a property, as deduced by comparable properties on the market and property characteristics, determines the amount of property tax owed. The assessed value is determined by the value of a property multiplied by an “assessment rate,” a set percentage assgned by each tax district.
Assessor Data
Multi-sourced database offers a dataset including publicly available information collected by county tax assessor offices. The best assortment of Assessor Data includes many details in the following categories: Property Identification, Ownership, Address, Legal Description, Values and Taxes, and Property Characteristics.
Allows users immediate access to highly curated property data on a public cloud platform. ATTOM Cloud takes care of all data updates, so customers can stay focused on their product or analytic projects.
The ATTOM ID acts as a single, unique identifier that pools together a vast collection of data on a property.
ATTOMIZED AVM (Automated Valuation Model)
A lender-grade valuation of a property based upon various characteristics, such as comparable sales, valuation models, values estimates and confidence score
Bond Market
The bond market is a financial market in which debt securities are issued and traded. Fixed mortgage rates rise and fall as the yields of bonds do.
A real estate broker represents buyers and sellers in a property sale. Brokers can work alone or oversee real estate agents.
A Brownfields site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment. Real property, expansion, or reuse of land may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance pollutant, or contaminant
Bulk Data Licensing
Advanced technology facilitates data collection and maintenance from multiple sources on a proprietary, reliable platform. ATTOM provides customers with broad usage rights and pricing structure flexibility to meet unique business needs. We offer data solutions with customizable options by data elements, geographic coverage and update frequency.
Census Place
A Census-Designated Place (CDP) refers to an geographical area incoporating a concenrated population, as determined by the U.S. Census Bureau, that does not fall under the law's of the state within which it is situated.
Closing refers to the final meeting that takes place on the sale of a home, in which a deal is finalized, documents are signed, and the downpayment and fees are paid.
Community refers to an interconnected group of people living in a geographical area. We provide some of the most comprehensive data on local communities. We explore population size, ethnicities, income, marital status, employment rates, and more.
Completed Foreclosure
REO - Real Estate Owned by the Lender: if a third party does not purchase the property at the public auction then it is repossessed by the foreclosing lender. These properties are called REOs.
Completed Foreclosure Sale
REO Sale - A sale of a property that occurs while the property is actively bank owned (REO).
Core Based Statistical Area
A core-based statistical area (CBSA), as defined by the Office of Management and Budget, refers to a geographic area with at least 10,000 people.
County Subdivision
County subdivisions are geographical units that function as the primary divisions of a certain county. County subdivisions are composed of minor civil divisions (MCDs) and census county divisions (CCDs).
Crime Risk
Crime risk refers to the likelihood of falling victim to crime in a certain geographical area - as compared to the national average. Crime risk accounts for non-violent crime, such as petty theft, and violent crime, such as assault.
Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)
A cloud-based platform that streamlines data management, integration, processing, and analytics.
statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it.
Digital Mortgage Applications
Digital mortgage applications take the mortgage application process online. Digitized mortgage applications pre-fill hundreds of fields on the application form using available data, this data is then automatically uploaded to the loan origination system of the lender.
Drug Labs
Drug Labs are considered any place that is being used to develop and produce illegal drugs.
ATTOM offer detailed education profiles for each neighborhood; offering ratings, student breakdowns, test scores, and catchment information for each school.
Energy Efficiency
Energy efficency refers to how environmentally friendly the running of a property is. Energy efficent properties, such as those that rely on solar, command a higher market value.
Equity Rich
Loan to value ratio of 50 percent or lower, meaning the property owner had at least 50 percent equity
A third party releases money, documents, or property after certain conditions have been fulfilled.
Estimated Sales Value
Includes tax amounts, AVM, and most recent sale. - Estimated Sales Price covers nondisclosure states only: Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.
Exterior Features
Exterior features refer to the external construction of the home, such as fiber-cement siding.
Fair Market Rents
The amount of rent owned on a non-luxury property, as determined by by Department of Housing and Urban Development. Fair Market Rent rates were bought into force by the HUD to determine how much rent should be payable by those on low incomes.
FHA Loan
Loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration
Fixed-Rate Mortgage
A fixed-rate mortgage is a mortgage in which the interest rate is not increased for a fixed period, such as 5 years.
Flood Zones
Flood zones are geographical areas at risk of flooding in the event of a river or coastal flood on the Flood Insurance Rate Map. Flood Zone C or Zone X: low probability of flooding, less than 0.2% annually. Flood B: medium risk, more than 0.2% chance of flooding annually. Flood Zone A: refers to Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) at high risk of flooding: above 1%.
Foreclosure Data
A collection of foreclosure data that's second to none in both judicial and non-judicial jurisdictions. Historical and current foreclosure data on all the stages of the foreclosure process. Which includes pre-foreclosure notices (NODs and LIS), public foreclosure auctions (NTS and NFS) and Bank Owned (REOs) properties.
Foreclosure Rank
The ranking of the state/county/MSA foreclosure rate among all the states/counties in state/top MSAs we track (all those with a population of 200,000 or more), with 1 being the highest foreclosure rate.
Foreclosure Rate
1/every X HU: the number of total housing units (based on Census bureau estimates) divided by the total number of properties with foreclosure filings. If the number is 100, you could say that one in every 100 housing units received a foreclosure filing during the month.
Foreclosure Start
The first public foreclosure notice, which can be a notice of default, a lis pendens, or a notice of trustee sale depending on the state where the property is located.
Foreclosure Timeline
(Length to Foreclose) - the length to foreclose is the average time it takes to complete the foreclosure process, from the foreclosure start (the first public notice that the foreclosure process has started) to the foreclosure completion (when a lender repossess a property at the public foreclosure auction). We calculate this each quarter by looking at all foreclosure completions that occurred during that quarter and then looking at how long those took from the foreclosure start on average.
A geocode is a set of coordinates, usually longitude and latitude, representing a specific physical location. Precise latitude/longitude coordinates for a property make mapping applications accurate. Address-based interpolation and Parcel-centroid methods are both ways geocoding is used to locate a parcel.
Gross Flipping Profit
The average gross flipping profit is the difference between the purchase price and the flipped price (not including rehab costs and other expenses incurred, which flipping veterans estimate typically run between 20 percent and 33 percent of the property's after repair value).
Gross Flipping ROI
Is calculated by dividing the gross flipping profit by the first sale (purchase) price.
Hail is a natural hazard risk. ATTOM's hail data is derived from NOAA. The risk level for a particular geographical area is deduced by the average number of annual hail storms in every county with hail sizes that exceed 1-inch over the past 15 years.
Environmental hazard data is compiled from various government agencies who track natural and man-made risks within a given geographical area
Home Equity Line of Credit - a loan where the lender agrees to lend a maximum amount within an agreed timeframe
Home Flip
A single-family home or condo flip is any arms-length transaction that occurred in the quarter where a previous arms-length transaction on the same property had occurred within the last 12 months.
Homeowner's Insurance
Homeowner's insurance covers liability insurance and hazard insurance to insure a homeowner's property and belongings.
House Size
House size is typically determined by square footage. House size has a notable impact on property value, property tax, and capacity for renovations.
Institutional investor Purchases
Residential property sales to non-lending entities that purchased at least 10 properties in a calendar year.
Interior Features
Interior features refer to characteristic, internal features of a property that boosts its value - such as a statement fireplace.
Landslide Risk
Landslide risk refers to the likelihood of a landslide occuring in a certain location, as well as the predicted damage to properties and loss of life. Various factors are used to determined landslid risk, such as rock or soil strength, annual rainfall, and past history of landslides.
LIS Pendens
Default notice instrument used in judicial foreclosure states (as opposed to NOD used in non-judicial foreclosure states)
A listing refers to a property for sale.
Loan Model
Identifies and positions the active loans for a property.
Lot Features
Lot features refer to features on a given parcel of land, commonly refered to as a property lot, such as a patio. Property data includes extensive data on lot features.
Lot Size
Lot size refers to the size of a specific parcel of land. Property data covers the lot size of more than 155 million properties nationwide.
Market Trends
Market trend reports that start with contextual value and allow customization to meet your specific business need
Marketing List
A tailored marketing list, created to meet your specific business needs. Target homeowners using various property datasets, such as: property status, property characteristics and loan data
Match & Append
Matching a customers input (usually an address) to an ATTOM ID, and appending the requested data, such as assessor, recorder, etc.
Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) are geographical reigons composed of a city, surrounding suburbs, and any closely interlinked communities.
MLS Data
Nationwide MLS listing and sales data, complementing ATTOMs supply of assessor and recorder data. This dataset for analytics use brings to the table more than 70 million listings and 45 million sales, with an average MLS history of 11 years. Listing data captured includes some basics about a property, MLS status, list price, agent and broker info, etc.
Mortgage Backed Securities
Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) refers to shares of a mortgage sold as tradable assets.
Mortgage Loans Data
Public records for mortgage data covers a lot of details from purchases, loans, lenders, borrowers, amounts, interest rate, origination date, and recording date, as well as other important features are all included. Dataset includes details on amount, rate, lender information on all loans, lien position on open loans and total estimated equity on property.
Neighborhood Boundaries
Neighborhood Boundaries are the fluid, subjective boundaries defined by those who live there. Land use, major streets, and predominant man-made and natural features all help define neighborhood boundaries. ATTOM provide the largest database of spatial data for neighborhood boundaries.
Notice of Default
NOD - Notice of Default (initial notice sent to a homeowner in default, starting the foreclosure process).
Notice of Foreclosure Sale
NFS - Notice of sale instrument used in judicial foreclosure states (as opposed to NTS used in non-judicial foreclosure states)
Notice of Trustee's Sales
NTS - Notice of Trustee's Sale: notice scheduling a public auction of a foreclosure property if the owner does not pay what is owed during the default period.
NPL Superfund
The National Priorities List is a list of the most hazardous waste sites that have been identified by Superfund/ CERCLIS where long-term remedial response actions can only be conducted.
Other Features
ATTOM provides data on the property characteristics of 155 million properties nationwide, including all noteworthy property features.
Ownership Data
Whether a property is owned by an individual, a couple, multiple people, partners or a company, verification is a key component to transacting business in the real estate industry. Validating the owner/owners of a property is essential to buying, selling, financing, building and insuring it, and is equally important to vendors looking to market to owners and renters. Current ownership details including status and contact information.
A parcel of land is a tract or plot of land owned by a particular individual.
Parcel Boundaries
Parcel boundaries refer to the geographical boundaries of a piece of land or an individual property. ATTOM utilize the geographical information systems (GIS) to provide the precise geometric boundary for each plot.
Percent of Housing Units
The percentage of housing units (from the U.S. Census bureau) that received at least one foreclosure filing during the year.
Points of Interest
Details basic information about each point of interest - Address and Latitude/Longitude, Distrance from the searh location, contact information and franchise information
Polluters were found using the Toxic Release Inventory Program. The goal of the Toxics Release Inventory program is to provide communities with information about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities and to support informed decision making at all levels by industry, government, non-governmental organizations, and the public.
Population refers to the number of individuals living in a select location. Demographic data on population size is predominantly derived from the census.
Postal ZIP Code
A postal zip code are the five or nine digit numbers tied to a postal address, brought into force by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to simplify mail delivery.
Property Characteristics
Property data covers more than 155 million properties nationwide with property characteristics that include: number of bedrooms/bathrooms, fire resistance, lot width & depth, sewer, square footage, porch or balcony, lot size in square feet or acres, type of heating and/or cooling system, construction material, lot number, electrical and more.
Property Use
Property use refers to the level of risk and related price of a property based on its use, as pertaining to a mortgage. Properties are characterized as low-risk - primary residence use, medium risk - second home use, and high risk - for use as an investment property.
Recorder / Deed Data
Recorded transaction data including deed transfers and mortgages. Public record details are divided into multiple categories: Property Identification, Buyer Data, Seller Data, Address, Transfer Elements, and Loan Elements. No matter the purpose of using this data, you'll find what you need.
Residential Boundaries
Residential boundaries are the geographic boundaries and other identifying factors that encapsulate the character of residential neighborhoods.
Sales History
Sales history data is all the transactions relevant for a piece of property derived from recorded sales deeds and loan data. Anyone who needs to research, prove ownership, or file a transfer or transaction for a specific property. Dataset includes a complete sales history of a property going back to 1988.
Sales Trends
Sales trends are aggregated from the zip code and city-level down to subdivisions and neighborhoods. The data is updated monthly, quarterly or annually.
ATTOM's nationwide school data spans private and public schools (K-12), school districts, colleges, and universities.
School Attendance
School attendance zones are the geographic areas surrounding a school within which students need to live. ATTOM's comprehensive data on school attendance zones is derived from GIS data, map images, and school address lists.
School Boundaries
Students are required to live within school boundaries in order to attend the school in question. ATTOM provides the largest database on school boundaries, covering 67,274 school boundaries.
School District Boundaries
School district boundaries refer to the geographical districts served by certain schools. ATTOM covers school district boundaries for the whole of the U.S., covering 13,462 district boundaries.
Seriously Underwater
Loan to value ratio of 125 percent or above, meaning the property owner owed at least 25 percent more than the estimated market value of the property
Short Sale
A sale of a property where the sale price is less than (short) the combined amount of loans secured by the property.
Superfund Active
A non-archived Superfund site at which site assessment, removal, remedial, enforcement, cost recovery, or oversight activities are being planned or conducted under the Superfund/CERCLIS program.
Superfund Archived
 A Superfund site that has no further interest under the Federal Superfund Program based on available information and is no longer part of the CERCLIS inventory.
A Superfund site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment.
Tanks & Spills
UST - Underground Storage Tanks 
Property tax is the annual tax payable on a property to the local government body. ATTOM provide property tax analysis for homes across America.
Third-Party Foreclosure Auction Sale
A sale of a property that occurs at the public foreclosure auction (trustee's sale or sheriff's sale) in which the property is sold to a third-party buyer and does not transfer back to the foreclosing bank.
Title Insurance
Title insurance, a form of indemnity insurance, protects real estate lenders and owners from loss or damage occuring from disputes over property ownership.
Tornadoes are commonly-occurring natural hazards. ATTOM's environmental hazard data provides accurate, up-to-date data on communities and properties most at risk. Data is retrived from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Total Foreclosure Filings for Month
A sum of all the different foreclosure filings (above). This is still a unique property count. If a property receives more than one filing during the month, we only count the most recent filing.
Total Foreclosure Filings for Quarter
The total number of properties that received at least one foreclosure filing (NOD, LIS, NTS, NFS, REO) during the quarter.
Total Foreclosure Filings for Year
The total number of properties that received at least one foreclosure filing (NOD, LIS, NTS, NFS, REO) during the year.
Toxic Sites
Toxic sites are man-made environmental hazards where toxic waste has been dumped. Superfund sites are an example of a toxic site. ATTOM provides exhaustative hazard data on properties impacted by toxic sites.
Our demograhic data covers the unemployment rates of communities across the U.S.
Valuations Data
Data includes assessor data for over 155 million properties and their valuations, if included by the county record. Also included is recorder data for more 430 million transactions covering over 3,140 counties. All this data feeds our proprietary Loan Model engine, which generates the estimated loan positions, balances, and equity for a property.
Wildfires are natural hazards that leave thousands at risk every year. ATTOM provides accurate, up-to-date data on those most at risk to wildfires. Data is pooled from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service and Fire Modeling Institute.
Zoning Use
Zoning use refers to how land in a particular location can be used - such as for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes. ATTOM's parcel boundary data can be dispalyed on jurisdictional maps and correlated with current and proposed zoning regulations.

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