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Leading Real Estate Data API Ready to Fuel Your Business

ATTOM’s Property Data API is a self-serving platform that powers various industries with premium property data. We ingest more – and more accurate information – than any of our competitors. With real-time access to ATTOM’s property data for use in your website and/or applications, built upon the ATTOM data warehouse with scalable pricing and packaging.


ATTOM’s Residential Property API stands on the most comprehensive real estate and property data sets available to the market. We ingest more — and more accurate information — than any of our competitors.



Our clients make a request using a property address, parcel number (APN), ATTOM ID or even longitude and latitude coordinates.

API Connect

ATTOM’s Property API platform supports both JSON and XML formats running REST conventions and can be used to perform on-demand and ad-hoc requests for targeting specific properties.

Data Warehouse

The depth and breadth of ATTOM’s data warehouse supports these real estate APIs, and powers your software, websites, and apps with best of breed property and neighborhood data.


Ready to Start Building?

Covering more than 155 million U.S. properties and 99% of the U.S. population, ATTOM’s nationwide database can provide property details for data requests drilling down from the national level to specific parcels.

Get a free trial API key and learn how ATTOM’s real estate data streamlines your data management and becomes your product’s single data source.

Discover ATTOM’s Real Estate Data API Difference

Data Depth

ATTOM empowers customers with better real estate data. We warehouse our data nationwide with myriad data points on each parcel including ownership information, lat/long, square footage, loan types, sales history, sales comps, crime, schools and more.

Stellar Support

ATTOM can set you up with test drive that gives you access to our developer sandbox and knowledge base. One of ATTOM’s technical support team members will also be assigned to you, to ensure your questions are answered every step of the way.

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What is a property API?

A property API refers to a property application programming interface. A property API transfers real-time property listing data from the MLS to a real estate application or to an agent website, allowing users to gain insights into local properties.

ATTOM Client Case Studies

See how our customers are using ATTOM’s Real Estate Data to fuel their innovation and growth.

Agentfire Logo 2020 Color

ATTOM helps AgentFire create hyper-local real estate websites that set agents apart from the crowd.

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SetSchedule logo

SetSchedule utilizes ATTOM’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to help power their SetValue network for homeowners.

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How Can You Use ATTOM’s Property Data API?

Insurance Companies


From mailing lists to targeted copy, ATTOM can insert value-added content into your online, digital, and print collateral.

Investment Research

Automated Forms

Simplify online forms for your customers with pre-populated information that they can verify.



Start modeling faster with clean and current data. ATTOM’s Real Estate API supports your geography, volume, and response time needs.

OSHA Compliance

Correlated Multi-Use

When a mix of property and neighborhood data is needed, ATTOM’s data is correlated with ATTOM ID for ease of use.

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What is an API in real estate?

An API (also known as a property application programming interface) refers to an intermediary technology that transfers data between a data-producing application and another application. A real estate data API typically transfers real estate data from the MLS to a real estate application or website.

Discover the Industry’s Leading Real Estate API Solution from ATTOM

Listen in as Sean Mooney, VP Product Management for ATTOM, dives into our innovative real estate data API platform, what it entails, how it can be used to gain a competitive edge, and the new features that have been added. 


High-level insight includes:

  • Getting to Know What an API Entails
  • Common Use Cases
    • Operations
    • Marketing
    • Website and Product Development
    • Sales
  • Developer Portal Demo
    • New key API features
  • Property data available via an API
    • Unveil the new datasets that have been added, such as Boundaries
  • And more…

Don’t miss this unique webinar based on the data driving the decisions!

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Is ATTOM API free?

ATTOM’s leading Property Data application program interface (also known as an API) consolidates property and neighborhood data, offering a comprehensive look at 99% of the American population. To find out more about ATTOM Data Solutions’ pricing, please reach out to one of our data experts.

ATTOM’s Real Estate API Insights

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