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ATTOM Data Solutions can provide educational institutions and universities with instant access to smart property data available at scale. Nationwide or by zip code, ATTOM examines municipal and local trends, scaled down to street if necessary.

Users of ATTOM:

  • Analyze the effects of government programs.
  • Monitor the impact of community development initiatives on pricing, such as transit access, walkability, and amenities.
  • Understand the effects of economic factors on home sales, such as unemployment and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Develop targeted marketing lists to boost enrollment, improve retention rates, and increase endowments.
  • Identify locations for new college campuses and other educational services.

Community and Property Data for Robust Research

Use ATTOM bulk property data at the regional, state, or nationwide level. Our analytical solutions can also drill down to the individual property level or demographic. Whatever your focus of study, ATTOM is a one-stop resource for all your institutional research needs.

Benefits for Educational Institutions & Colleges

  • Access to real-time demographic and property information
  • Insights into mortgage loan, foreclosure, and building permit information for research
  • Community data for urban studies
  • Predictive analytics for targeted recruitment and retention strategies
  • Better marketing strategies for donor funding

Publish Leading Studies on the Real Estate Industry

  • Power your academic projects with comprehensive property data delivered via API or bulk export.
  • Combine our data solutions with your research and uncover novel insights into the real estate industry.

How Can Educational Institutions Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Power research studies with extensive property, community, and industry data.

ATTOM data is easily accessed with targeted and fast analytics.

New Borrowers

Boost student recruitment.

Use ATTOM data to develop targeted marketing strategies to boost enrollment.

Financial Services

Increase funding opportunities.

Develop donor lists and reach out for funding and endowments.

Financial Services

Identify new sites and locations for public or private schools.

Identify possible locations for new campuses and facilities based on community data, trends, and needs.

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