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Unique Insights. Targeted Marketing. Predictive Analytics.

Build Your Credibility with ATTOM

The advice you give to clients must be based on the most relevant and up-to-date data. ATTOM’s real estate and property data will take your reports and predictive analytics to a level above your competitors. Back up your convictions with ATTOM’s reliable real estate data, and ensure clients receive the best advice supported by market facts and trends.

Consultants who use ATTOM:

Monetize their projections and consulting by tracking and predicting trends.

Develop solutions to analyze properties through API and using automated valuation models (AVMs).

Gain access to the latest monthly and quarterly national foreclosure reports broken down by county or zip code.

Offer targeted searches in any area for property and value characteristics.

Use ATTOM’s assessor level data for analytics and predictive modeling.

Gain unique insights into markets and produce accurate projections for clients.

Boost marketing efforts by tailoring data for clients and appending real estate information to their target lists.

Impress Your Client Base with Reliable Consultancy Services

With ATTOM, your clients will feel confident that the advice they receive is based on timely property data. Combined with intelligent solutions, the 20TB ATTOM data warehouse is specific enough to identify the latest market changes and emerging trends. If you aim to have the best advice for your clients, you need ATTOM.

How Can Technology and Data Platform Providers Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Customizable Reports

From MLS listings to pre-foreclosure lists, ATTOM’s data is consistent and malleable. Target your analytics and create custom reports based on your clients’ needs.

New Borrowers

Seamless Solutions

With a variety of flexible delivery solutions our data integrates with your existing technology infrastructure to produce clear and meaningful reports.

Financial Services

Actionable Guidance

Boost your ability to exceed your clients expectations with powerful data combined with your expertise and knowledge to drive optimal business decisions.

Financial Services

Unique Insights

Real-time property, community, foreclosure data and more, right at your fingertips, offering credible and proven insight.

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!

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