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Climate Change Risk Is Critical for Property Investment Decisions

ATTOM’s climate change data solution offers current and future risk ratings for major climate hazards, including wildfire, flood, heat, drought, and storm. These datasets provide unique insights into the impact climate change is having on property prices and homeownership around the country. It’s imperative to understand the current risk, future risk, and how that risk will change over time.

  • Gain insight into basic property information and risk ratings for five climate hazards: wildfire, flood, heat, drought, and storm.
  • Be better informed with climate change ratings based on current risk, future risk, and how that risk will change over time.
  • ATTOM’s risk assessments are both current and projected out to 2050.
  • ATTOM produces granular, property-specific climate change risk data not yet available anywhere else.

ATTOM’s Climate Change Risk Data

ATTOM is your trusted climate risk data provider, offering granular climate change data at the property level for detailed risk analysis. Real estate investors, data scientists, and climatologists have collaborated to curate real risk data that is accessible and easy to understand. ATTOM’s risk datasets are rated against all properties across the nation.

Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Risk

ATTOM’s wildfire risk rating provides a narrative on the burn history of surrounding land and the projected acreage of at-risk nearby land.

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Flood Risk

Flood Risk

Properties are rated based on the risk of flooding, including the risk of inland and coastal flooding with pluvial, fluvial, high tide, and the rise in sea level.
Heat Risk

Heat Risk

ATTOM’s heat risk rating provides historic numbers surrounding extremely hot days per year, the projected number of extremely hot days per year, and the temperature threshold defining an extremely hot day.

Storm Risk

Storm Risk

Storm risk data is based on specific precipitation risk of a property. This includes the historic number of annual extreme precipitation events with volumes, the projected number of events, and the historic and projected number of inches of extreme precipitation events per year.

Drought Risk

Drought Risk

ATTOM’s drought risk rating includes the historic and projected water stress percentage for a property, comparing water supply to demand.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Climate Change Risk Product?

Distressed Property Owners

Real Estate Portals

Climate change is front and center of the discourse on property values and migration. Be a unique resource for climate risk property data and market changes.
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Real Estate

Inform future buyers and investors of climate change data so that they can avoid risk, extreme maintenance and operational costs, as well as ballooning climate change cap rates when refinancing or selling.
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New Borrowers


Understand the climate risk rating for properties and those at higher risk of default. Mitigate your portfolio risk by including properties with less exposure to climate change risk.
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New Borrowers


Power your risk assessment for underwriting and pricing. Expand revenue streams by developing new climate risk products. Manage risk exposure and make better decisions.

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New Borrowers


Marketers can develop strategic and targeted marketing lists based on the climate risks in a given area. Marketing content can be optimized and streamlined for better results at less cost.

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ATTOM’s Data is Your Business Advantage



A multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse that contains information on more than 155 million U.S. properties including:

  • 29.6 Billion Rows of Data
  • 9,000 Data Fields
  • 20TB Warehouse
  • 99% Population Coverage

Quality Data

Our rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data we collect:

  • Property Address Standardization
  • Owner Name Parsing
  • ATTOM ID Matching
  • Fusion of Multi-Sourced Data
  • Data Governance

Learn more about ATTOM and view our Table of Data Elements.

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