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Housing News Report

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Housing News Report

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ATTOM’s Award-Winning Publication

The Housing News Report is recognized as a leading source of in-depth, objective and data-driven real estate information.

Covering a broad range of real estate topics, including guest columns from successful investors and real estate industry experts, regional, state, and local market spotlights, legal and breaking news updates, financial news, and more. This quarterly publication combines investigative journalism with data-driven articles, along with leading industry opinions and analysis, and has been named “Best Newsletter” by the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE).

Publication Features

Letter from the Editor

ATTOM offers high-level insight on the state of the housing market, while addressing the various topics that will be covered in the current issue of the Housing News Report.

Housing Industry Focus

The main editorial theme around each issue, featuring an in-depth analysis into the current housing market conditions and/or topics surrounding all things real estate.

U.S. Market Report

Receive the latest press release from ATTOM, and get a first-hand look into nationwide housing trends, foreclosure filings, home sales, and more.

My Take Column

Industry leaders from Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage and more will pen exclusive commentary articles and voice their opinions on important industry topics.

Data Review

Discover the industry’s leading data products and how they are being implemented and used to innovate across various industries.

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