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Property Data to Power Your Platform, Service, or Software

ATTOM’s robust property data is quality, real-time data at a scale that will set your technology and services apart. Let ATTOM be your data provider.

Our robust nationwide real estate data warehouse provides the building blocks for better intelligent client solutions:

  • Show the value of your technology combined with property data.
  • Empower real estate agents, investors, and brokers to make intelligent, data-driven real estate decisions.
  • Build a responsive property search engine and client solutions with ATTOM’s real-time data.
  • Be the go-to source for property data serving mortgage brokers, bankers, and investors.
  • Use real-time pre-foreclosure data to identify distressed property owners.
  • Provide intuitive investor-grade analytics for experienced and new real estate investors alike.

Power Your Platform and Solutions

The quality and usefulness of your technology solutions are only as good as your data source. ATTOM data’s 20TB ATTOM data warehouse will draw users to your platform and traffic to your site. Leveraging our property data is the best way to ensure you are delivering the right solutions to your customers.

Benefits for Data and Technology Platforms

Build your brand integrity from accurate, real-time data sets.

Combine our data with intelligent solutions for better business outcomes for clients.

Increase your visibility and revenue.

Empower your clients to make intelligent, data-driven real estate business decisions, using ATTOM.

Lead the Market in Predictive Property Analytics

  • Develop unique solutions by combining our data with your technology.
  • Update your solutions with our data sets to bolster product quality and add value.
  • Use real-time transactional mortgage data to power lists.

How Can Technology and Data Platform Providers Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Predictive Modeling

Maximize your users’ ROI by offering digital tools for property investments.

New Borrowers

Build a Seamless Platform for Easy Navigation

Offer extensive data sets with flexible solutions that are easily accessible and workable.

Financial Services

Data Processing and Preparation

Elevate the value of property data with your advanced technology tools.

New Homeowners Home Repair & Improvement

Show the Big Picture with Big Data

Using ATTOM’s property data, your technology solutions will facilitate a holistic view of the real estate market along with accurate predictive analytics.

Insurance Services

Data and Analytics

Create a platform that allows users to reveal trends and visualize real estate market conditions for better insight and data-driven purchase and selling decisions.

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