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Property Data for Online
Transactional Marketplaces

Robust Property Data. Seamless Transactions. Transparency.
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Property Data Disrupting the Real Estate Marketplace

The real estate market is at a pivotal moment with innovation driving the way home buying and selling is being done. ATTOM is helping to lead this innovation with premium property data that powers various platforms. These online transactional platforms are popular largely because buyers and sellers are empowered by access to information they need to make important transaction decisions. Armed with property and neighborhood data, sellers can confidently control their listings, prices, comps, and showing schedule.

ATTOM’s datasets make the property market more transparent so that participants will independently move forward with their investment and divestment decisions.

Let ATTOM Empower Your Users

Many buyers and sellers that use transaction sites would prefer a faster, streamlined transaction. If investors and sellers are well informed, they can make better decisions.  For transactional marketplaces, we provide curated statistics. When a seller submits an address to a marketplace for a property for sale, we provide the most robust real estate data to help sellers and investors plan and complete their transactions.

Make Informed Investment Choices Utilizing ATTOM Datasets

  • Property layout
  • Lot information
  • AVM layout
  • Sales history
  • Tax history
  • Comp sales
  • Neighborhood and school boundaries
  • School ratings
  • Demographics
  • Crime rates
  • Active pre-foreclosures
  • Foreclosures
  • Neighborhood and school boundaries
  • Census data

Use ATTOM to Make Transactions a Unified Process

ATTOM’s data is available at various geography levels or all the way down to the address level, so that investors have a holistic perspective of the real estate market. By providing brokers and investors the information they need to transact from listing to closing on a single platform, your site facilitates the scaling of their business.

Transactional marketplaces bring investors and sellers together to do business in one place efficiently. Transparent data levels the playing field and makes real estate investing more accessible. Power your marketplace with ATTOM.

Benefits for Transactional Marketplaces

Content Enrichment

Increased web traffic and lead generation

Customer Engagement

Empower investors, sellers and brokers through knowledge

Property Research

Gain visibility and traction in a growing market

Property Research

Develop a unified, supportive platform from listing to closing

Property Research

Boost accessibility to real estate investing by providing transparent, accurate data

ATTOM’s Property Data Insight for Transactional Marketplaces

See How ATTOM Data Can Make a Difference for Your Business!

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