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Detailed Property Data Glossary

Better understand ATTOM Data Solutions elements, report definitions, real estate insight and industry knowledge.

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There are currently 4 terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Bond Market
The bond market is a financial market in which debt securities are issued and traded. Fixed mortgage rates rise and fall as the yields of bonds do.
A real estate broker represents buyers and sellers in a property sale. Brokers can work alone or oversee real estate agents.
A Brownfields site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment. Real property, expansion, or reuse of land may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance pollutant, or contaminant
Bulk Data Licensing
Advanced technology facilitates data collection and maintenance from multiple sources on a proprietary, reliable platform. ATTOM provides customers with broad usage rights and pricing structure flexibility to meet unique business needs. We offer data solutions with customizable options by data elements, geographic coverage and update frequency.

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