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ATTOM’s School Attendance Areas

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Identify a Home’s Assigned Schools Using ATTOM

ATTOM’s school attendance areas data provide a nationwide layer of boundaries that identify the geographic areas served by each regular public school. This product enables potential home buyers to easily identify the school attendance zones that their children would attend.

While finding a home in a quality school district is certainly important, the individual schools assigned to the home are even more critical to prospective home buyers – especially those with school-aged children – as different schools within the same school district can have wildly varying quality, student achievement, program focus, extracurricular activities, and athletic programs.

Additionally, school attendance zones or school catchment areas are important to homeowners and prospective home buyers, even those without school-aged children, as the set of assigned schools for a property can significantly affect its value.

ATTOM’s School Attendance Areas Data

ATTOM school attendance boundary data is the premier choice for real-estate applications due to industry-leading coverage, currentness, and accuracy.

Broader Coverage

ATTOM’s school data covers 97% of the U.S.— by far the most of any competing product— with additional coverage added quarterly. Additionally, while some competing products provide only partial school coverage in many school districts, ATTOM’s school data always includes full coverage at every grade level for the entire area of the school district.


Approximately 15% of school attendance areas change each year due to school openings, closings, instruction level changes, and school district efforts to rebalance enrollment. The ATTOM GIS Team works throughout the year to identify and digitize these changes, resulting in best-in-class currentness and accuracy.


Additionally, school attendance areas are examined and traced at the individual parcel level by the ATTOM GIS Team to verify assignment and account for new construction, resulting in an unmatched level of quality.


ATTOM’s school data is digitized and published at individual grade levels, providing greater accuracy than our competitors’ more generalized products.

Unique Features Include:

  • Multiple school attendance boundary data for schools with distinct school attendance areas at different grade levels
  • Extra-district school attendance areas for schools also providing instruction for students in neighboring school districts
  • School data for Independent Schools and Charter Schools acting as regular, neighborhood schools
  • School ratings, test scores, reviews, and profile information available via linkage to our other school products

How Can You Use ATTOM’s School Attendance Area Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate Portals

Visitors to real estate portals can restrict properties to a specific school area in real-time using geospatial filtering and overlay the school attendance boundary data on a map.
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Financial Services

Technology and Data Platforms

Technology and data platforms use school data to tag property records with assigned school names and related characteristics. School boundaries are used with separately available ratings and school characteristics to create engaging data visualizations.
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State and local governmental agencies use school attendance areas for policy decisions, demographic research, budget allocation, district planning, and education strategy.
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New Borrowers


Lenders identify the assigned schools for a property and utilize separately available school ratings to improve the accuracy of valuations.
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New Borrowers


Marketers target homes served by specific schools for hyperlocal campaigns that boost conversion rates.
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