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Real Estate Data Platforms

Targeted Marketing. Real-Time Data. Seamless Integration.

Be the Go-To Platform for Real Estate Data with ATTOM

With ATTOM’s robust property data, you can be much more than a real estate data platform or data provider for your industry clients. Boost REALTOR performance by combining our property data with artificial intelligence to visualize residential real estate market conditions and reveal trends.

Users of ATTOM:

  • Build business applications for professionals in the real estate and lending space.
  • Use our data to create marketing materials such as videos and targeted mailing lists.
  • Create and sell a foreclosure and pre-foreclosure database.
  • Use our wealth data for lead generation for real estate agents and brokers.
  • Create a predictive targeting platform to identify potential sellers in the market.
  • Append our tax and recorder data for internal analytics.

Offer Much More Than A Property Database

With ATTOM, your platform will stand out as a leading industry model. ATTOM’s 20TB data warehouse facilitates a wealth of tools that realtors and brokers draw upon. Leveraging our real estate data is the best way to ensure you are delivering the right solutions to the real estate industry.

Benefits for Real Estate Data Platforms

Provide extensive and customer-specific database tools for your real estate clients.

Use modern analytics for predictive reports that clients will depend on for better decisions.

Be the leader in real estate and community datasets.

Take the real estate industry to the next level using ATTOM.

Tailor Your Product to Today’s Market

Real estate and market trends differ from region to region. With ATTOM, you are guaranteed the most robust real estate data that targets your area.

  • Drill down to the geography level that your clients crave.
  • Be a one-stop shop for all of your clients’ data needs.

How Can Real Estate Data Platforms Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Real-Time Analytics

From MLS listings to pre-foreclosure lists, ATTOM provides quick, easy-to-navigate data.

New Borrowers

User-Friendly Property Reports

Our data integrates seamlessly with real estate data providers’ existing technology infrastructure.

Financial Services


Our datasets have national reach but also easily narrow down to power local marketing strategies to maximize your marketing efforts.

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