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Detailed Property Data Glossary

Better understand ATTOM Data Solutions elements, report definitions, real estate insight and industry knowledge.

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There are currently 13 terms in this directory beginning with the letter A.
An address details the exact location of a residential or commercial property. Our assessor data includes up-to-date address information for properties nationwide.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
An adjustable-rate mortgage sees the interest rate of a property change at different intervals: five, seven, or ten years.
A real estate agent is licensed to arrange and guide real estate transactions between property buyers and sellers.
Air Pollution
Air pollution refers to the levels of: carbon monoxide, particulate matter, fine particles, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, or sulfur dioxide in the air. Air quality is monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency.
All-Cash Purchases
Sales where no loan is recorded at the time of sale and where ATTOM has coverage of loan data.
Application Programming Interface (API) - Real time property data access through a direct connection with your software, websites and apps making data retrieval and display a seamless process
To secure a mortgage loan, properties must be appraised to assess their value. A property's value will be determined by property features and the value of surrounding properties.
An area typically refers to a select region or part of a town, city, country, or world.
Assessed Values
The assessed value of a property, as deduced by comparable properties on the market and property characteristics, determines the amount of property tax owed. The assessed value is determined by the value of a property multiplied by an “assessment rate,” a set percentage assgned by each tax district.
Assessor Data
Multi-sourced database offers a dataset including publicly available information collected by county tax assessor offices. The best assortment of Assessor Data includes many details in the following categories: Property Identification, Ownership, Address, Legal Description, Values and Taxes, and Property Characteristics.
Allows users immediate access to highly curated property data on a public cloud platform. ATTOM Cloud takes care of all data updates, so customers can stay focused on their product or analytic projects.
The ATTOM ID acts as a single, unique identifier that pools together a vast collection of data on a property.
ATTOMIZED AVM (Automated Valuation Model)
A lender-grade valuation of a property based upon various characteristics, such as comparable sales, valuation models, values estimates and confidence score

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