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AI-Ready Solutions to Power Your Business

ATTOM continues to be at the forefront of innovation and is leading the charge in making property data more readily accessible and optimized for AI applications. AI is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with our data, and we’re pioneering solutions that empower industries to extract meaningful insights, drive informed decisions, and stay ahead in an increasingly data-driven landscape. We have curated well-organized nationwide data sets from the ever-expanding ATTOM Table of Data Elements that are prepared and formatted to cater specifically to the requirements of machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

What Makes ATTOM’s Property Data AI-Ready?

AI-Ready data is carefully prepared and organized to ensure that it can be effectively used by AI algorithms to make accurate predictions, classifications, or recommendations.

ATTOM takes what it is already great at:

  • Data Quality
  • Data Consistency
  • Data Labeling
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  • Data Preprocessing
  • Data Documentation
  • Data Accessibility
Then focuses on:
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Feature Engineering

Carefully selecting features that capture relevant information and patterns to enhance model performance.

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Data Integration

Integrating data into a unified format. This requires flattening and combining datasets, resolving schema mismatches, handling duplicate records, and aligning data structures.

ATTOM Offers 3 Main AI-Ready Solutions:

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Machine Learning
Property Solution
Utilizing ATTOM’s robust data on property features, tax data, valuations and more, you can tailor data for property analysis and valuation models. We curate and flatten the data into a single, user-friendly dataset, making it easy for customers to seamlessly integrate into their models.
Residential Home Front
Property Addres Data
Tax Assessor Data
Property Interior Features
Property Exterior Features Data
House Size Data
Property Characteristics Data Element - Pc
Lot Size
Assessor Tax Values Data Element - A
Assessor Market Values Data - Mv
Tax Assessor Data
Mortgage Loan Data
Property Sales Prices
School Ratings & Reviews Data
  • Build Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
    Estimate property values, aid in property appraisals, mortgage lending, and more with the most relevant, populated fields and key descriptions.
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis
    Identify lucrative investment opportunities by analyzing property trends, market conditions, and historical values.
  • Property Comparison Tools
    Develop tools that allow users to compare different properties.
  • Property Tax Assessment
    Local governments can utilize the dataset to assess property taxes more accurately, based on property features and market trends.
  • Neighborhood Analysis
    Helping potential homebuyers understand the local surroundings and make informed decisions.
City Overlook
Business Analytics Icon
Business Analytics
Community Solution
Leverage ATTOM’s datasets that encompass economic, social, housing, and demographic dimensions to unlock comprehensive insights and enable data-driven decision-making.
Geocodes DataNeighborhood Demographic DataUnemployment Rates Data
  • Market Research
    Analyze economic, social, and demographic data.
  • Nonprofit Resource Allocation
    Nonprofits can use data on community demographics to allocate resources effectively and address the needs of underserved populations.
  • Business Expansion Planning
    Evaluate community data to plan business expansions into areas with high growth potential.
  • Economic Development
    Governments can use community data to attract businesses and stimulate economic development.
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Artificial Intelligence
Large Language Model (LLM) Solution
Employ ATTOM’s comprehensive school and neighborhood data to fine-tune LLMs.
School Districts DataSchool Ratings & Reviews DataSchool Profiles Data (k-12)
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
    Fine-tune LLMs to create chatbots and virtual assistants capable of providing detailed information about schools, neighborhoods, and other topics.
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What are the Benefits of AI-Ready Property Data?

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Ease of Use

The data is in a format that’s easily consumable by AI and ML algorithms. Users, even those without technical expertise, can readily leverage the data for their analytics and modeling needs.

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Time Savings

Without the need to clean, preprocess, and integrate multiple datasets themselves, analysts can start using the data for AI and ML projects immediately, accelerating their time to insights and results.

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Customization Potential

Clients can request specific features tailored to their unique needs, enabling a more personalized and valuable data offering.

Practical Uses of AI for Real Estate Agents

Listen in as industry experts Todd Teta, Chief Product and Technology Officer for ATTOM, and James Wang, Co-Founder & CEO for REAI, Inc., share their expertise and insights on the exciting realm of AI’s applications for real estate agents. Discover how embracing AI technologies can not only provide real estate agents with a competitive advantage but also enhance their productivity, enabling them to offer superior service in an industry that is progressively reliant on data-driven solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and stay at the forefront of innovation in the real estate sector. Register now to secure your spot for this engaging Q&A session.

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This Q&A Style Webinar Address Questions, Such As:

  • What are the key challenges that real estate agents face today, and how can AI address these challenges?
  • How can AI assist in property valuation and market analysis, and what benefits does this bring to real estate professionals?
  • In what ways can AI enhance the customer experience for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market?
  • What ethical considerations should real estate professionals keep in mind when using AI in their work? 
  • What trends or innovations in AI and property data do you foresee having the most significant impact on the real estate industry in the near future? 
  • And more…
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