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Immediate Access to Property Data

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Connect Directly with ATTOM Cloud

Designed to support a wide range of applications and industries, ATTOM Cloud allows you to access national real estate datasets directly on our public cloud platform. Our premium property data is the most comprehensive in the industry and our advanced real estate data licensing solution offers you the data you need, when you need it. We are a single, streamlined source for property data with direct integration to the data in its natural habitat, accessible at your fingertips.

How ATTOM Cloud Works

The ATTOM Cloud data delivery solution provides the fastest way to access curated property data which is matched to your needs, easy to understand, convenient to use, and requires no additional infrastructure. Read our ATTOM Cloud FAQs

  • The fastest way
    In a matter of minutes, you can register for a free trial to access ATTOM Cloud and get property data for five pre-selected counties. Experience how ATTOM helps customers build industry-specific solutions faster, improving time-to-market while gaining a competitive edge. 
  • Curated property data
    ATTOM blends property tax, deeds, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data from more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties.
  • Matched to your needs
    We are building an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions designed to match property data to specific needs. Whether you work in Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Technology, Government, Education, Legal, or any other profession, our flexible delivery options give you a choice when it comes to how you access the data.
  • Easy to understand
    Not everyone is born an expert in property data. That is why we don’t just publish data, but we provide access to a data guide that explains how to use the data.
  • Convenient to use
    Focus on your business, not data loading, updating, and management, which can consume 80% of a typical data science project. ATTOM Cloud is one of several options for consuming property data in a format that is convenient for you. Other options include bulk file delivery, APIs, and WordPress Plugins.
  • No additional infrastructure
    Let us worry about the hardware needed to scale to your business needs as you grow and meet the demands for secure, reliable access 24×7.

How ATTOM Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

ATTOM is the definition of property data, surrounded by data fanatics who put you first. Our responsive, high-touch team has searched high and low to collect the broadest range of property data that enables innovation across a wide range of industries, helping customers to drive revenue and lower costs.

  • Highest Quality Real Estate Data
  • Flexible Permitted Uses
  • Secure and Robust Property Data Supersets
  • Customizable Cloud Delivery Solutions

How Can You Use ATTOM Cloud?

Investment Research


Jump start your analytic projects by leveraging clean, updated data without having to build cleansing and loading processes.
OSHA Compliance

Cost Reduction

ATTOM Cloud eliminates ingestion and data management costs often associated with data implementation projects.
OSHA Compliance

Scalable Performance

Your ATTOM Cloud solution is right-sized for your use case and can scale up or down on demand to meet changing processing requirements.
OSHA Compliance


ATTOM Cloud eliminates ingestion and data management costs often associated with data implementation projects.

ATTOM Cloud Webinar

Discover the ATTOM difference from industry leading experts surrounding our most recent property data delivery solution – ATTOM Cloud, a cloud-based platform that provides immediate access to high-quality curated property data.


High-Level Takeaways Include:

  • Learn how ATTOM Cloud simplifies data management.
  • Understand the ways ATTOM Cloud will empower customers to build industry-specific solutions faster.
  • Get a quick overview of the ATTOM Cloud platform and its many benefits.
  • See how to start your FREE 30-Day trial in less than 5 minutes!
  • And more….


  • Richard Sawicky, Chief Data Officer, ATTOM
  • Peter Presnell, Platform Product Manager, ATTOM
See How ATTOM Cloud Can Benefit Your Business!