Property Ownership Data

Verification. Validation. Occupancy.

Property Ownership Data Is Critical In All Aspects of Real Estate

Whether a property is owned by an individual, a couple, multiple people, partners or a company, verification is a key component to transacting business in the real estate industry. Validating the owner/owners of a property is essential to buying, selling, financing, building and insuring it, and is equally important to vendors looking to market to owners and renters.

ATTOM Is Your One-Stop Solution for Property Ownership Data

ATTOM warehouse covers more than 155 million U.S. properties in over 3,140 counties nationwide and stretches as far back as 20 years to deliver comprehensive ownership property data sourced at the county assessor’s office and available at your fingertips.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Property Ownership Data?

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Brokerage and Agents

Identify current ownership status of a property to target possible renters looking to buy or sell.


Reach homeowners and renters with detailed contact information to leverage direct mail campaigns and reach your target audience.

Land Use


Confirm ownership details of a property to better assess value and homeownership verification.

Home Valuations

Companies performing valuations can assess properties that are deemed investment properties and therefore have different tax levies by the county assessor’s office.

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