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ATTOM’s Exemptions Data—Insights to Client Needs

The more information real estate professionals have about property owners, the better they can serve them. The type of property a person seeks is tied to their lifestyle, and ATTOM’s tax exemptions data can reveal valuable information concerning the unique needs and preferences of clients.

Understand Lifestyles, Deliver the Right Property

ATTOM’s property tax exemptions data does the detective work for you. Whether exemptions are claimed for a homeowner, veteran, disabled individual, or agriculture-related property, they reveal where and how people work, their lifestyle, and what type of house or interior features they might need. With property tax exemptions data from ATTOM, service providers can target the right clients, and investors can better assess a potential venture.

  • Narrow the property search for buyers and investors.

ATTOM’s tax exemptions data can give agents a head-start in the competitive real estate industry when they know that the target’s property is their primary residence, or they are a Veteran, Senior Citizen, etc.

  • Find farmsteads or agricultural properties.

Service providers such as farming equipment and supply vendors can find farmstead or agricultural properties that might need their services and build a business pipeline.

  • Identify mixed-use properties.

ATTOM’s tax exemptions data can locate mixed-use properties, both commercial and residential. A buyer might want to open an office on the first floor of a building and reside on the top floor.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Tax Exemptions Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Mortgage Lenders

Lenders can better assess a borrower’s risk profile and guide them to potential exemptions they qualify for.
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Insurers and Service Providers

Insurers and service providers can better serve clients by understanding their lifestyles and needs, and tailoring an insurance package that is right for them.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Develop a better understanding of potential clients and target properties by identifying past exemptions applied. Be informed so that you can better serve.
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