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Property Ownership Data FAQs

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What is Property Owner Data?

Property owner data encompasses data on the history of ownership of a particular property. Property ownership data shows who owns the property, whether that be an individual, couple, a number of people, or a company. This data is typically used to verify property ownership.

What sort of property ownership data can ATTOM provide?

ATTOM’s property ownership data offers owner names, tax mailing addresses, property exemptions, occupancy status, and property vesting information.

Here’s what each of these entails:

  • Owner names: Determine who owns a property and if it’s owned by private individuals, married/single owner(s), a trust, an LLC, or another type of company.
  • Tax mailing address: Find out the mailing address for the primary contact on a property’s tax assessments. This data is pulled from publicly recorded documents and deeds.
  • Exemptions: Find out what exemptions a property qualifies for, including homestead exemptions and exemptions for seniors, veterans, and disabled persons.
  • Occupancy: Understand whether a property is occupied by the owner or is used as a vacation or rental property.
  • Vesting: Determine who holds a property’s title. Does it lie with a single individual, a married individual, a trustee, or joint ownership with rights of survivorship?

These data points can be used singularly or as a whole to help with outreach, marketing, lead generation, and more.

What can I use property ownership data for?

There are many uses for property ownership data. Businesses, investors, real estate brokerages, mortgage companies, and more can use it to aid in:

  • Marketing efforts and outreach
  • Buying, selling, and investing in properties
  • Home valuations
  • Lead generation and targeting
  • Risk modeling and assessment
  • Property owner search

Here are just a few examples of how you might use property ownership data:

  1. Roofers or landscaping providers might use tax mailing data to reach absentee owners whose properties are in need of repair.
  2. Investors could use occupancy and exemptions data to learn more about an owner’s lifestyle and motivations, as well as their potential for selling.
  3. Mortgage companies might leverage tax mailing and occupancy data to better hone mailing lists and marketing efforts.
  4. Real estate agents could use occupancy data to target possible renters looking to buy or sell.
  5. An insurance company could use mailing and occupancy data to better assess a property’s value and verify its ownership.

Property ownership data can be used in a wide variety of ways. For help determining how it might fit into your business or investment needs, get in touch with an ATTOM data expert today.

Who uses property ownership data?

A wide range of businesses and individuals can use property ownership data to their advantage.

Just a few of our more common clients include:

  • Real estate brokerages and agents
  • Marketing professionals
  • Insurance companies and agents
  • Mortgage lenders and brokers
  • Individual and institutional real estate investors
  • Financial services providers
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Home service providers and contractors
  • Lawyers and legal service providers
  • Community developers

Any business that participates in outreach, lead generation, or marketing efforts can benefit from property ownership data. Get in touch to learn more about how your company can benefit.

How is the data delivered?

There are many ways to use and access ATTOM’s property ownership data. We offer bulk data licensing, cloud-based data, customized property reports, and data APIs, which can be used to power your company’s unique tools, dashboards, and software solutions. Contact a data expert today to determine which delivery route is best for your needs.

How can I get started with ATTOM’s property ownership data?

To learn more about our property ownership data, to get a sample report, or to discuss more customized property data needs, reach out to an ATTOM data expert today. We also offer free 30-day trials of our data solutions.

Have More Questions? Our Data Experts Can Help.

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