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Occupancy Data

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Property Occupancy Data is Essential Information

ATTOM’s occupancy data is critical for many industries, including real estate professionals and service providers. The needs of property owners differ depending on whether they are currently living in the property or not. Current owners who occupy a property may qualify for lower interest rates for refinancing. They might also qualify for local initiatives that are only offered to owner-occupied properties. It pays to know the occupancy status of potential customers with comprehensive occupancy data.

Match Property Owners with the Right Services

How services are marketed and to whom depends on property ownership and occupancy.

  • Optimize marketing efforts.

Occupancy data means that outreach efforts can alert property owners of services that might be of benefit to them, such as property management in the case of absentee owners or local government programs for individuals who own and live in the same property.

  • Create robust mailing lists.

Email marketing is effective but only if the information is relevant to the audience. What benefits a resident property owner might not benefit an absent owner. Create mailing lists according to occupancy status and build a pipeline of business.”

  • Offer the services that make sense for a property owner or investor.

Services that make sense might be property management and legal services for absentee owners or property maintenance services for investors. Property and real estate occupancy data save time and money in outreach and boost conversions at the same time.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Occupancy Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Banking & Financial Institutions

Find properties and ventures that might be more open to negotiation and more likely to yield returns. For example, absentee owners might be more willing to sell a property.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate Brokerages

Approach potential clients with relevant information depending on whether they live in a property or not. Get right to the point with a better understanding of their situation.
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Ensure your marketing supports your businesses pipeline. Use ATTOM’s occupancy data to target your efforts and avoid wasting valuable time and resources.
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Distressed Property Owners

Mortgage Lenders

Know which refinancing clients qualify for lower interest rates depending on whether the property is owner-occupied.
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