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Find Property Owners with Tax Mailing Address

Homeowners can be difficult to track down, particularly for vacant properties, rental properties, or vacation homes. ATTOM’s property tax mailing address data from nationwide tax assessor information delivers accurate and up-to-date current owner information so that your outreach is fast and effective. Whether you are a real estate agent or a service provider, create more business by reaching the right person.

Locate Owners, Stimulate Business

Our tax mailing address data covers 155 million properties nationwide so that our users never have to waste time tracking down a property owner. Whether your eyes are on a commercial property, a vacant property, or a rental, property tax mailing data is the fastest route to the tax-paying owner.

  • Improve outreach and marketing with accurate, targeted mailing lists.

Save money by avoiding the need for blanket marketing materials. Owners are the best leads when it comes to conversions. Find your target properties and contact only the owners of those properties. Save time with effective marketing.

  • Roofers, developers, and other service providers can rapidly build business.

With access to tax mailing address data, property service providers can immediately contact absent owners who are often unaware of their property’s needs. Service providers can explore leads, and refine marketing lists based on visual insights.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Property Tax Mailing Address Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Better serve your clients by quickly finding owners. Lessen the frustration for investors with faster response times and efficient service.
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Distressed Property Owners


Keep track of borrowers with ATTOM’s updated property tax mailing address data. Know exactly where to reach property owners regardless of whether a property is vacant, a rental, or a vacation home.
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Institutional Investors

Spot a potential real estate investment? Quickly locate the owner to discuss a potential deal before a competitor beats you to it.
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New Borrowers

Data Collection

Quickly locate the owner of target properties. Don’t waste time tracking down owners of vacant properties, rentals, or commercial real estate. Use ATTOM’s Property Tax Mailing Address Data.
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Financial Services

Insurers and Service Providers

Whether a property could benefit from solar panels, a new garage, landscaping, or security systems, quickly locate the owner and effortlessly build a pipeline of business.
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Financial Services


Don’t waste money and time with blanket marketing. Use ATTOM’s property tax mailing address data for precision marketing that only targets the owners you need to reach.
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