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ATTOM’s Building Permit Data for Las Vegas, Nevada

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Construction Projects Reflect A Better Economy In Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas building permits data indicates significant mixed-use property development in this Nevada metropolis. An entrepreneur is building a mixed-use campus in the southwest valley with apartments, office space, and eateries at a cost expected to be upwards of $500 million. The project should be finished by 2026. Another developer is building another mixed-use campus featuring office space, apartments, and eateries on a 40-acre site.

These developers face risks because a soured economy will make it hard to find tenants to lease space. Existing tenants may suffer bankruptcy and fail to pay rent. Despite the economic difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, these two developers are betting on the Las Vegas economy bouncing back.

Building Permits Data
Vacant Property LV

One sign that the economy might well be on the rebound is that warehouse space is in demand in Las Vegas, fueled in part by the effects of COVID-19 and the increase in e-commerce activity. For a year now, construction projects by warehouse developers have torn up huge chunks of land. Also, the city’s infrastructure has grown to support new big-box facilities. The signs all point to continued high demand for industrial space.

Southern Nevada’s commercial real estate industry has experienced turmoil since the pandemic hit. Remote work created speculation on the need for office space, and the rental market in Las Vegas has seen higher rents, tighter vacancies, and construction. Some tenants turned to government relief programs to pay their rent after losing their jobs in the entertainment and hospitality industries.
Building For Lease or For Sale

ATTOM’s building permit and property data shows planned, current, and past projects. The data reveals trends in commercial, industrial, and residential building activity, which could point to upticks or downturns in the real estate market and overall economy.

Gauge the temperature in cities across the nation using ATTOM’s building permit and property data to identify property improvement trends.

Let ATTOM’s Building Permit Data Tell the Whole Story

ATTOM’s building permit data tells the life story of a residential or commercial property. Find out what work has been done and what needs to be done on a property based on historical and active permits. Get the deeper story and a 360° view of activity including:

  • Classification of Permit Type (i.e., Solar Installation, Foundations, Roofing, etc.)
  • Permit Status
  • Cost of Job
  • Description of Job
  • Contractor Information

ATTOM’s data uses machine learning and normalization to accurately classify project work such as solar panel installation or remodeling.

Using building and property data, insurance companies, real estate professionals, marketers, property investors, appraisers, and hedge funds can better assess a property’s risk and value. Permit classifications show work done on a property and what work needs to be done based on the data for comparable properties.

Be better informed with ATTOM’s building permit data.

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