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ATTOM’s Building Permits Data for Brooklyn, New York

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Building Permit Construction in Brooklyn, New York

Despite the supply chain problems and labor shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry in New York is in full throttle with new projects throughout the city. Multifamily development dominates the scene in Brooklyn and throughout New York City.

In downtown Brooklyn, NY, there are plans to build a 33-story, 465-unit residential tower. The site will house a 115,000-square-foot self-storage facility. Ninety thousand square feet of air rights was acquired by developers at 120 Navy Walk from the Housing Authority for $25 million. The proposed 437,000 square-foot project is expected to cost $132 million, according to the city application. Twenty-five percent of the units will be permanently affordable, in-line with state mandates.

Building Permits Data
Permits Data
At 64 20th Street, Brooklyn, developers filed an application to build a 216,000-square-foot storage facility with a parking garage for 226 cars on a four-acre lot in Greenwood Heights. The application filed with the city is for a five-story office building that will also serve as a storage facility for a four-story, 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center in the area.

ATTOM’s nationwide building permits data cover all property builds and renovations, large or small. Properties in cities are constantly undergoing refurbishments, and property data showing the history of real estate is key to accurate valuations. Building permits are a fundamental resource for investors who seek the best property deals to minimize risk.

Identify post-sale and pre-sale improvements for properties with building permit data. Use building permit histories as criteria to narrow down potential investments and to optimize business decisions.

ATTOM’s Building Permits Data Tell the Whole Story

ATTOM’s building permits and property data show the state of buildings and their historical updates. ATTOM’s data tell a deeper story for better valuations and business decisions.

Be better informed with ATTOM’s building permits data.

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