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Property Interior Features Data

Square Footage. Total Rooms. And More.
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Benefits of Using Property Interior Features Data

ATTOM’s interior features data, which includes detailed house size data, helps buyers envision how a property could work for their needs. Living and building footage explain the scale and layout of a property. Interior details bring the whole property package together—size and character. Gain a competitive advantage, drive informed investment decisions, and better assess home values with  ATTOM’s property characteristics data.

Home Interior Features

ATTOM’s comprehensive interior features data include a wide variety of details that can help you better understand a property. Help potential homebuyers and investors find the right properties quicker.

  • Living square footage
  • Number of bedrooms
Number of bathooms data
  • Number of bathrooms
Number of stories data
  • Number of stories
year built data
  • Year built

Additional Interior Details

Basement and Attic Details

square footage data
  • Finished square footage
unfinished square footage data
  • Unfinished square footage
total square footage data
  • Total square footage
total rooms data
  • Total rooms

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Interior Features Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Vacation Rentals

With ATTOM’s superior platform, you can connect to travelers that are looking for a perfect vacation home.

Financial Services

Real Estate Portals

Both agents and homeowners benefit from real estate portals that incorporate property interior features.

New Borrowers

Rental Sites

Property interior features can improve the searchability of rental sites and add more value for site visitors.

Financial Services

Home Valuation

Property interior features can be utilized to help better understand a home’s value.

Financial Services


Integrate interior features data in marketing campaigns for more robust, successful results.

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