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ATTOM’s Building Permit Data for Miami, Florida

Building Permit Applications are Surging in Miami, Florida

Despite disruptions to supply chains, the construction industry is thriving in Miami, FL. Building permit applications and construction starts for residential and non-residential properties in South Florida are surging. In Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, residential and non-residential starts were both up by around 230 to 240 percent year over year.

Building Permits Data
Building Permit Data

The upward trend in residential construction starts reflects South Florida’s booming housing market. Out-of-state buyers are heating up the high-end market.

Nationwide, construction costs have jumped as much as 30 percent, as supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic that forced manufacturers to shut down. Builders are unable to complete projects, which is contributing to rising costs, as well as home prices.

Looking ahead, high-density, residential projects are expected to take off as the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic loosens. Miami leads the rest of Florida in vaccination rates, and tourism is on the rebound. Bottom line, Miami’s construction market is strong and is expected to become even stronger in the future.

ATTOM’s building permits and property data reflects what’s going on in the market today. They show the ripple effect of property renovations and values.

Permit Data

Find out which properties have the best renovation history for your family or your investment portfolio by consulting ATTOM’s building permit and property data for Los Angeles, California.

Let ATTOM’s Building Permit Data Tell the Whole Story

ATTOM’s building permit data tells the life story of a residential or commercial property. Find out what work has been done and what needs to be done on a property based on historical and active permits. Get the deeper story and a 360° view of activity including:

  • Classification of Permit Type (i.e., Solar Installation, Foundations, Roofing, etc.)
  • Permit Status
  • Cost of Job
  • Description of Job
  • Contractor Information

ATTOM’s data uses machine learning and normalization to accurately classify project work such as solar panel installation or remodeling.

Using building and property data, insurance companies, real estate professionals, marketers, property investors, appraisers, and hedge funds can better assess a property’s risk and value. Permit classifications show work done on a property and what work needs to be done based on the data for comparable properties.

Be better informed with ATTOM’s building permit data.

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