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ATTOM’s Building Permit Data for Houston, Texas

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Houston, TX Experiences Fewer Building Permits

Supply chain disruptions, particularly for lumber, have affected building projects in Houston, TX. Property data shows that home improvements and single-family housing permits are declining, while material costs for building and renovations are rising.

In Houston, however, building permits and residential starts increased, suggesting steady construction in the coming months. In August 2021, Houston had topped the national list for single-family housing permits for six straight months.

Building Permits Data
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The construction industry in Houston should be booming due to a growing population and increased housing sales. Builders and remodelers are in high demand. However, the industry is suffering from supply shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many construction workers are sick, and manufacturers and suppliers of everything from lumber to drywall are beset by worker shortages.

Manufacturers and construction firms are concerned. Projects are stalling because of material delays and a lack of truck drivers to transport materials. Materials that used to come within 12 to 15 weeks now have an estimated delivery time of six months.

The precursor for the supply chain issues was a surge of residents who decided to modify their homes while confined at home during the pandemic. This occurred at the same time that manufacturing facilities shut down, reducing the supply of materials.

Consequently, material prices are high. While lumber prices are dropping, steel-mill products, gypsum, and concrete reached their highest prices in the summer of 2021.

These issues ultimately affect property owner demand for building permits and will have a knock-on effect on the value of property. ATTOM’s building permit data can show the trends in construction and remodeling and unlock the whole story of a property’s history.

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Construction and remodeling often increase pre and post-sale, but this may not be the case in today’s economy. ATTOM’s property data identifies post-sale and pre-sale improvements to give an accurate reading of a property’s value.

Let ATTOM’s Building Permit Data Tell the Whole Story

ATTOM’s building permit data tells the life story of a residential or commercial property. Find out what work has been done and what needs to be done to a property based on historical and active permits.

Insurance companies, real estate professionals, marketers, and investors get the deeper story for better valuations, risk assessments, and business decisions.

Be better informed with ATTOM’s building permit data.

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