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ATTOM’s Building Permit Data for Chicago, Illinois

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Construction and Rising Prices in Chicago, Illinois

,As residents of Chicago, IL, sat at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many decided to upgrade their homes and remodel. However, the cost of construction materials and supply-chain problems are affecting property data and the number of building permit applications.

Supply-chain bottlenecks and labor shortages are making it difficult for contractors to finish projects. The producer price index for steel mill products, aluminum mill shapes, and copper and brass mill shapes have risen by 40 percent over the past year, while the index for plastic construction products is up more than 30 percent. The indexes for gypsum products such as wallboard, insulation, and trucking, have all sky-rocketed.

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These trends are affecting remodeling and construction and the broader economy. Where there used to be significant building permit activity around housing sales, properties will languish as projects either stall or never get off the ground.

ATTOM’s nationwide building permit data provides an accurate look at a property’s history so that real estate industry professionals can make better business decisions.

It is getting harder for property owners to complete construction, remodels, and renovations as supply-chain and labor shortages beset the industry. ATTOM’s building permit data shows which properties are better investments based on updates and renovations.

ATTOM’s Building Permit Data Tells the Whole Story

Find out the life history of a residential or commercial property with ATTOM’s property data. Get the deeper story and a 360° view of activity based on building permits including:

  • Classification of Permit Type (i.e., Solar Installation, Foundations, Roofing, etc.)
  • Permit Status
  • Cost of Job
  • Description of Job
  • Contractor Information

ATTOM’s data uses machine learning and normalization to accurately classify project work such as solar panel installation or remodeling.

Using building and property data, insurance companies, real estate professionals, marketers, property investors, appraisers, and hedge funds can better assess a property’s risk and value. Permit classifications show work done on a property and what work needs to be done based on the data for comparable properties.

Be better informed with ATTOM’s building permits data.

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