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ATTOM’s NMLS data and loan originator analytics provides unparalleled insights into loan origination activity at the hyperlocal to the national level. This data set shows who is originating residential loans, where and with what loan products and partners, and at what volume. NMLS data is a powerful resource for mortgage originators and lenders, as well as many other industries in the real estate space, who are looking to measure loan origination and loan activity. Leverage ATTOM’s cutting-edge intelligence to win business and stay competitive.

Identify Lending Trends, Facilitate More Loans

Mortgage lenders and loan originators must be properly licensed in any jurisdiction where they conduct their business. The NMLS (Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry) issues a unique identifier (known as the “NMLS ID”) for each individual, company or branch office, and that identifier is permanently assigned by the NMLS registry. This enables the NMLS to serve as a registration agent and comprehensive database of loan originators. As loan officers move employers or add states where they are licensed to do business, NMLS records every change. For any mortgage lien on a deed originated by licensed entities, the names and NMLS ID of the loan officer, loan lender, and loan broker are recorded.

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In addition to providing the names and NMLS IDs for individuals and companies originating residential mortgages across the nations, ATTOM’s products provide mortgage loan details that can be found on recorded deeds, tied back to other property info associated with the property address.

Customers can use these products to identify trends, analyze performance against competitors, plan recruitment strategies, and measure market penetration.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s NMLS IDs & Loan Originator Analytics Products?

Our data and analytics will keep mortgage originators and lenders competitive in the market. Our insights also guide strategies and business decisions for all industries.

Distressed Property Owners

Mortgage Originators
Track the mortgages you originated to determine if they were replaced through a refinance, sale, or payoff.
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Financial Services
Financial Lender
Analyze your past performance and that of competitors. Compare current and past performance with overall market activity.
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Financial Services

Assess risks and find opportunities for market penetration. Identify potential partners for business relationships by looking at a loan originator’s track record.
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New Borrowers
Real Estate Professionals
Generate promotional content to highlight your past successes, build your reputation, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
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Financial Services
Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers
Identify lenders who are dominant in your market segment. Determine which other brokers are doing business with a lender.
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