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Understand Mortgage History, Lead the Market

ATTOM’s property transaction history and mortgage data powers discovery analytics. Users of our property and mortgage history data are informed professionals. Our mortgage history data covers consumer loans and finances, recording data, title companies, associated mortgages, and ownership transfers. Make sure your business decisions are based on reliable analytics and the most comprehensive and up-to-date datasets.

Monitor Lending, Facilitate Transactions

Mortgage history datasets are detailed, yet our analytics give a holistic perspective to reveal patterns and trends. Know which applications were originated or denied. Monitor loan servicing, including delinquencies, pre-payments, and performance data. Get real-time mortgage modifications, assignments, and satisfactions. Find pre-foreclosures and foreclosures and MBS and ABS delinquencies, prepayments, and performance.

  • Interest rates and loan terms

Plan your real estate business strategy with detailed analytics such as interest rates and mortgage terms. Interest rate property data indicates who might be looking to refinance or purchase a home. Mortgage histories can show how economic changes affect the real estate lending market.

  • Loan Pay-Offs

Find the history of voluntary prepayments of mortgage loans resulting from, for example, refinancing or sales of mortgaged properties. Determine patterns in financing and loan pay-offs.

  • Property sales and refinancing history

Assess lending risks. Compare one investment with another based on the trends from mortgage data. Re-position lending vehicles in response to patterns and trends.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Mortgage History Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Better serve your clients with better data. Understand their financing history and future needs. Guide them to better decisions.
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Distressed Property Owners


Using the real estate industry’s most comprehensive datasets, ATTOM’s mortgage history data and solutions can predict the full range of potential outcomes to specific scenarios and lending positions.
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Use mortgage history data to better assess property investment risk. Build a robust portfolio with our expert research and intelligent solutions.
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Financial Services


Estimate risk and payoff totals with the amortized balance and rates for loans against a property.
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Financial Services


Define your targets and reach them quickly and effectively with our mortgage history datasets. Build better outreach strategies with a better understanding of your clients.
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