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ATTOM’s Foreclosure Amounts Data

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ATTOM’s Foreclosure Amounts Data Is Complete and Accessible

The foreclosure amount is a great indicator for investors and buyers on what the foreclosing lender may consider when reselling a property to recoup their losses. ATTOM’s foreclosure amount data offers a full picture of the foreclosure market, while also providing valuable insight. We provide foreclosure amounts, property details, lender details, auction dates, recording dates, and more, so that investors can build their portfolios and lenders and litigators can help borrowers to better navigate the world of real estate.

Foreclosure Amounts Data at Your Fingertips

Accurate foreclosure amount data is fundamental to loan restructuring by lenders, while allowing investors the ability to calculate lien amounts on opening bids at auction. But there are many other stakeholders who benefit from robust foreclosure data. From accountants and lawyers to governments and researchers, platforms that incorporate our data attract a broader range of clients.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Foreclosure Amounts Data?

Financial Services

Legal Service Providers

ATTOM’s foreclosure amounts data is accurate and up-to-date. Legal service providers can be confident that ATTOM’s foreclosure datasets are reliable and current.
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Real Estate Investors and Buyers

Investors can use ATTOM’s foreclosure amounts in gauging a realistic bid price for a property.
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Governments use ATTOM’s foreclosure data to monitor and measure foreclosure activity and to assess the impact of mortgage relief programs and other government-sponsored initiatives.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate Platforms

Foreclosure amounts are a key component of home value calculations. Buyers and investors can use foreclosure amount data when they are considering buying property at a foreclosure auction. Populate your platform with ATTOM’s relevant foreclosure property data.
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Mortgage Providers

Foreclosure is expensive for everyone involved. Use ATTOM’s foreclosure amounts to monitor and measure activity at the city, county, or national level. To track peaks and valleys, trends, or a new wave of foreclosures. Identify cases that lend themselves to mediation or counseling.
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