Curious to learn about the best real estate APIs in 2021?

A real estate API refers to an application programming interface that’s used for transferring real estate data from a third-party database to your application or website.

ATTOM’s Data API platform is a go-to resource on community data, property data and more.  But in this post, we’ll take a look at the broader landscape of Real Estate Data APIs and see what other sources are out there to help build your next real estate application or solution.  Here’s our short list of the Top 9 best APIs in real estate.


We couldn’t not kick off our list with ATTOM. Our API platform consolidates real-time, property-focused tax, deed, foreclosure, and mortgage data with in-depth neighborhood, crime, school, and community data.

Our nationwide real estate data covers over 155 million U.S. properties — 99% of the U.S. population. From brokers to investors, our clients use our rich property data to engage their consumers and turn that interest into sales.

  • API Portal:
  • API Categories: property, area, AVM, neighborhood, sales comps, plat maps, and points of interest
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON, XML



You can use the Zillow API Network to transform member sites into miniature real estate portals with engaging content on real estate and mortgages.

Choose from the below four:

1) Home Valuation API: Search results list, provides Zestimate™ home valuations, market trend and home valuation charts, and comparable houses

2) Market statistics and demographic information for cities and neighborhoods

3) Property Details API: Property data, such as: taxes, property characteristics, and including historical sales price and year

4) Mortgage rates and estimates for monthly payments

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Home Valuation, Property, Demographics, Mortgage Rates & Payment Estimates
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: Unknown
  • Supported Response Formats: XML

Walk Score

Walk Score measures the walkability of an address, enabling you to analyze walking routes from a property to local amenities. The Walk Score API can be used to measure how walking-friendly different routes are or highlight whether a journey is car dependent. You can also use Walk Score to calculate how amenable an address is for bike riders or public transport users.

Walk Score uses a RESTful interface and delivers the walkability, bikability, or transit scores for any latitude and longitude in the U.S. in JSON or XML format.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: API on Walkability for an area in the US, Public Transit, and Travel Time
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: URI Query String/CRUD
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON, XML

Realtors Property Resource

The Realtors Property Resource is an extensive real estate data resource, offering property information on the entire residential real estate market. The Realtors Property Resource exclusively provides data to MLS organisations.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Real Estate Data on every property across the USA
  • Architectural Style: RPC
  • Supported Request Formats: XML, SOAP
  • Supported Response Formats: XML, SOAP


Yelp Fusion

Yelp Fusion APIs are RESTful APIs that you can use to gather business reviews, display photos and the best reviews for your business, tap into data on your location of choice, and more.

Choose from the below APIs:

  • Search
  • Business Search
  • Autocomplete
  • Transaction
  • Reviews
  • Phone Number Search

Thanks to its compatibility with multiple languages, Yelp Fusion’s default output is JSON.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Business ratings and reviews, business photos, points of interest location and name
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: JSON
  • Supported Response Formats: Unknown

Google Maps

Embed Google Maps onto web pages with Google Maps API utilizing a straight-forward JavaScript or a Flash interface. The Google Maps API offers geocoding, language localization for more than 50 languages, and region localization. Access the API HTTP services on your computer or mobile phone, accessed over a secure (HTTPS) connection.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Region localization and geocoding
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: KML, URI Query String/CRUD, XML, VML, JavaScript
  • Supported Response Formats: XML, JSON, KML


Looking for easy-to-access real estate data? Estated provides property data for more than 140 million commercial and residential property listings and boasts more than 150 individual data points. The API has just one endpoint, enabling simple integration.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Property Data includes estimated marketing value, comps, site and structure information
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: GeoJSON, JSON, XML

School Digger

Real Estate Cloud provides various services for real estate listings and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Their API currently provides services for searching and retrieving real estate data. This is a REST-based API that returns data in JSON and requires an API key for access.


School Digger

With SchoolDigger API K-12 data, you can get data on over 123,000 schools. Source information on school rankings, test score data, school and district attendance boundaries, and demographics.  JSON is used for responses. You also need API Keys to get full access to the SchoolDigger API’s full capabilities.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: School boundaries, polylines for mapping, test score data, rankings and demographics
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON

Mashvisor API

Ideal for property developers, Mashvisor APIs provide data on short-term rentals (think AirBnB) and long-term rental listings throughout the U.S. Get the information you need on rental rates, MLS listings, off-market properties, rental expenses, Airbnb nightly rates, and more.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Short-term rentals and long-term rentals
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON

The best real estate data APIs

Did we miss any? If you are a product owner, developer, founder or the next big thing in real estate, let us know what sources you use to fuel your application and we’ll add to this list.

If you have any questions on  real estate data APIs, feel free to reach out to us.  Thank you for your participation and happy building!

Please contact us if you have questions about the underlying data referenced in this article, or would like to have access to that data in the form of custom reports, API, Bulk File or ATTOM Cloud.

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