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***This article was originally written in 2021, but has been updated for 2022 to reflect new solution providers***

From brokers to government agencies, many companies and professionals often need quick access to reliable, up-to-date real estate information. And APIs are particularly useful if you’re looking to fuel your website or application with property and real estate data — allowing you to easily import the data you need — as and when you need it.

An API (also known as an Application Programming Interface) transfers real estate data from a third-party provider to a website or application. In this post, we explore 9 of the best real estate APIs to help you access comprehensive real estate data in 2022.

Why use a Real Estate API

An API gives you fast, secure access to accurate, up-to-date real estate and property information. You can use a real estate API to automatically update your website or app with real-time property and real estate information.

Depending on your needs, you can use real estate APIs to access a host of different real estate data — from the MLS to neighborhood and crime data. You can then use this information to help boost your SEO and generate more site traffic, provide property and neighborhood information to clients and customers, automate forms, and power analytics.

Let’s take a look at some the best options on the market in 2022.

  1. ATTOM

ATTOM is one of the leading sources of commercial and residential real estate data in the U.S.. And our real estate API is one of our most popular data delivery solutions. Our API solution consolidates a wealth of property-centered data — including mortgage, tax, deed, foreclosure data, and neighborhood data — including crime, school, and community data.

Our property data API covers over 115 million U.S. properties — offering a 99% coverage of the American population. You can access national data to gain insights into wider housing market trends and also zone in on granular targeted property parcels. ATTOM’s API supports JSON and XML formats running REST convention.

  • API Portal:
  • API Categories: property, area, AVM, neighborhood, sales comps, plat maps, and points of interest
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON, XML
  1. Mashvisor Data API

The Mashvisor API is a great option if you want to get more insights into rental rates for both long-term and short-term rental properties (like Airbnb properties). You can use the Mashvisor API to find more information on price estimates for both MLS properties and Airbnb listings across the U.S.. You can use their heatmap feature to find promising investments that meet your criteria in your chosen location.

The team prides itself on giving you fast, easy access to data on the U.S. rental market — their homepage states that Mashvisor, “Turns 3 months of research into 15 minutes.” They cover over 450,000 properties.

  1. Bridge API Bridge API  gives you access to a range of MLS listings — enabling you to power your website or application with listings from the MLS. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking to quickly access MLS data, without any hassle. The Bridge API was recently acquired by Zillow. This data is delivered through RESTful API.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: MLS listings
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: URI Query String
  • Supported Response Formats:  JSON
  1. Estated real estate API

The Estated Data API is one of the most popular real estate APIs. From deeds and tax to historical property and ownership information, Estated offers real estate data on over 140 million commercial and residential property listings — including over 150 individual data points.

Estated’s API is intuitive and easy to use — all you need is an address comprehensive historical and current records on a target property.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Property Data includes estimated marketing value, comps, site and structure information
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: GeoJSON, JSON, XML
  1. School Digger

With SchoolDigger API K-12 data, you can get data on over 123,000 schools. Source information on school rankings, test score data, school and district attendance boundaries, and demographics.  JSON is used for responses. You also need API Keys to get full access to the SchoolDigger API’s full capabilities.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: School boundaries, polylines for mapping, test score data, rankings and demographics
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: HTTP
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON
  1. Walk Score

Walk Score measures the walkability of an address, enabling you to analyze walking routes from a property to local amenities. The Walk Score API can be used to measure how walking-friendly different routes are or highlight whether a journey is car dependent. You can also use Walk Score to calculate how amenable an address is for bike riders or public transport users.

Walk Score uses a RESTful interface and delivers the walkability, bikability, or transit scores for any latitude and longitude in the U.S. in JSON or XML format.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: API on Walkability for an area in the US, Public Transit, and Travel Time
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: URI Query String/CRUD
  • Supported Response Formats: JSON, XML
  1. Realtors Property Resource

The Realtors Property Resource is an extensive real estate data resource, offering property information on the entire residential real estate market. The Realtors Property Resource exclusively provides data to MLS organisations.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Real Estate Data on every property across the USA
  • Architectural Style: RPC
  • Supported Request Formats: XML, SOAP
  • Supported Response Formats: XML, SOAP
  1. Yelp Fusion

Yelp Fusion APIs are RESTful APIs that you can use to gather business reviews, display photos and the best reviews for your business, tap into data on your location of choice, and more.

Choose from the below APIs:

  • Search
  • Business Search
  • Autocomplete
  • Transaction
  • Reviews
  • Phone Number Search

Thanks to its compatibility with multiple languages, Yelp Fusion’s default output is JSON.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Business ratings and reviews, business photos, points of interest location and name
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: JSON
  • Supported Response Formats: Unknown
  1. Google Maps

Embed Google Maps onto web pages with Google Maps API utilizing a straight-forward JavaScript or a Flash interface. The Google Maps API offers geocoding, language localization for more than 50 languages, and region localization. Access the API HTTP services on your computer or mobile phone, accessed over a secure (HTTPS) connection.

  • API  Portal / Homepage:
  • API Categories: Region localization and geocoding
  • Architectural Style: REST
  • Supported Request Formats: KML, URI Query String/CRUD, XML, VML, JavaScript
  • Supported Response Formats: XML, JSON, KML

9 of the best real estate APIs in 2022

If you’re looking for a real estate API, this list is a great place to start your search. While there are many brilliant solutions out there, these are some of the leading solutions that we’ve taken note of for the year ahead.

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