What is your elevator pitch for SetSchedule?

SetSchedule is the technology innovator revolutionizing real estate business development by filling Realtors’ calendars with a targeted stream of real, interested local buyers and sellers, not a list of leads. The multi-patented matching engine leverages AI-powered predictive data, insider market insights and automated marketing software tools to deliver the right opportunities, appointments and valuable insights to close the deal.

We turn the pay-per-impression model on its head, into pay-per-action. At the end of the day, we use an AI environment to increase the odds that a real estate agent will close the deal. There is a gap in the lead generation industry on mentorship and training, so we also married those elements into the app.

How is SetSchedule utilizing real estate data from ATTOM Data Solutions?

SetSchedule utilizes ATTOM’s AVM (Automated Valuation Model) as part of our SetValue network for homeowners. This gives homeowners the opportunity to see what their house is estimated to be sold for if they were interested in selling their property. Utilizing ATTOM data allows homeowners to have a better understanding of what their house is worth without having to look at comparable houses, since the system factors that in.

We have a team with rich machine learning experience that is able to take the data from ATTOM and create a data-based story around a specific property that we can provide to both buyers and Realtors, while also leveraging that data-based story to properly match and connect buyers and Realtors.

How is the real estate marketplace responding to SetSchedule products/services?

The marketplace loves it! They use it as part of their home-shopping search. It makes their experience a more pleasant one in which they can just type in their address and get an estimate on what their house is worth along with additional information on the house.

Why did SetSchedule decide to use ATTOM Data Solutions?

We wanted to have a comprehensive data company that has a holistic approach to the retail data as well as the professional data. ATTOM data has this approach and offers well-rounded data that marries the retail and professional data in an insightful way. Along with the bulk property data, we can utilize ATTOM-powered RealtyTrac.com to feed potential consumer leads into the app. We hope our RealtyTrac account rep Mitch can retire on our account!

What has been your experience with the property data delivery?

Our experience with data delivery has been extremely helpful. By connecting other databases, we are able to provide an aerial viewpoint; that streamlines the search and
retrial process.

What has been your experience with the property data quality?

Our experience with data quality has been really positive because of our versatility. By regularly adjusting our information contribution, our provisional data, and industry tools to meet the need of our clients, we ensure data delivery is up-to-date, simple, efficient, and easy to follow.

In terms of the AVM provided to us by ATTOM, I think that is the most consistent one we’ve seen in across the industry.

What has been your experience with customer service?

Customer engagement at this phase has been minimal, but this aspect is extremely important, as we are constantly finding new avenues to help customers address and prevent concerns.

In terms of the customer service we receive from ATTOM, all I can say is that you guys are rock stars!  

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