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Property API FAQs

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What is an API in real estate?

An Application Programming Interface (API), acts an intermediary between your software and other software. In the case of the ATTOM API, it’s between your software and our data. ATTOM’s API conforms to the REST architectural style allowing your software to access our comprehensive portfolio of property data using a series of predefined API endpoints.

What can real estate APIs be used for?

APIs have quickly become the preferred option for building interactive websites, reporting tools, mobile apps, user dashboards, internal portals, and custom software applications that need to draw on data from external sources. A REST API is especially well suited for delivering small amounts of data as part of a software transaction. APIs are a modern approach for delivering data to both public-facing and in-house solutions.

What kind of data can a property API provide?

ATTOM’s property API offers the most comprehensive portfolio of property-centric data that spans 155 million US properties and areas. Our data includes property features and addresses; ownership details; property taxes; sales, transfers, mortgage, and foreclosure transactions; property listings; and property valuations. We also provide a complete range of big-picture data for local neighborhoods, points of interest, schools, crime, hazards, and climate change.

Who are the consumers for a property API?

Property APIs have many uses and are often leveraged by real estate companies, mortgage lenders, insurers, technology firms, and more. They’re particularly valuable in targeted marketing efforts, investment research, analytics/reporting, and customer service, as they allow businesses to easily pre-populate forms and ease consumer lift.

What questions can a property API answer?

A property API can answer questions about specific properties, communities, and markets. Just a few of the questions it can answer include:

  • How long ago was the property purchased?
  • What are the demographics of the neighborhood?
  • What is the mailing address for the property owner?
  • How much equity does a homeowner have in their home?
  • What schools is a property zoned to?
  • What building permits were issued to this property?
  • What is this property worth?
  • How big is this property, and how many rooms does it have?
  • What points of interest are located within the local community?

Is there a specific question you want to answer for your users? Get in touch with the ATTOM team today to see if it’s possible.

What are the benefits of a property data API?

With ATTOM’s property API, you get access to millions of nationwide data points on-demand when you need it. You are only charged for the transactions you make.

What’s the API developer platform?

The API developer platform provides comprehensive documentation for our API, explaining the data and how to make use of the many endpoints that expose specific subsets of our data. It provides a sandbox to test the API endpoints before you incorporate them into your own software.

How can I get started with a property API?

ATTOM offers a 30-day free trial of its property API as part of each new ATTOM Cloud account. Just visit, to register and get immediate access to the ATTOM API. You can also speak to a member of the ATTOM product team for more information.

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