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Having a well-designed website can often be a key component to a real estate agent’s success. Still, not many agents have the skill set needed to design their own sites from scratch. In light of that, AgentFire is dedicated to providing agents with custom websites and done-for-you marketing products that let agents check branding and positioning off of their to-do list. Behind the scenes, ATTOM is their data partner helping to make it all possible.

Below is a peek into how the two companies work together to provide agents with the tools they need to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Realizing that Most Real Estate Websites Look and Feel the Same

These days, almost all real estate agents have a website. However, those websites can often leave a lot to be desired. Most agents opt for the standard, cookie-cutter website offered by their brokerage or a one-size-fits-all solution that’s included with their CRM system. Unfortunately, both options do little to help set them stand out.

“Most real estate websites don’t really do anything for the agent in terms of branding or, more importantly, helping to establish trust that the agent is an expert in their local market,” says Max Nilsson, General Manager for AgentFire, a web design company specializing in real estate content. “They leave a lot of opportunities on the table.”

According to Nilsson, AgentFire’s founder, Nelson Quest, originally saw his opportunity when he offered to help his father redesign his own real estate website.  Quest quickly realized that this niche was rife for improvement and decided to make real estate web design into a career. From there, it was only a short time before AgentFire hit the market.

Creating Hyper-Local Websites that Set Agents Apart

Since 2013, AgentFire has been giving real estate agents the chance to take charge of their branding by helping them to create personalized websites with a local focus. The company currently offers three levels of website customization, from ready-made templates to bespoke sites created by working one-on-one with an experienced web builder.

However, what truly sets AgentFire apart from other real estate web design companies is their commitment to helping agents position themselves as local market experts. Agents who use their service are given access to a variety of tailored marketing products that contain useful information about the agent’s target farm areas for interested buyers.

“One of our most popular tools is our neighborhood guide,” explains Nilsson. “It’s meant to give readers a snapshot of the area. It shows valuable community information, such as points of interest like schools, transit stations, supermarkets, and shops. There’s also demographic information and a local market report.”

For sellers, AgentFire’s sites also come with the option to add an instant home valuation tool, which allows them to get an instant home value estimate just by putting in their address, as well as customizable landing pages that showcase their listing information.

Working with ATTOM to Source the Data they Need

Since so much of the company’s business model depends on being able to provide agents with relevant insights about their target markets, the team at AgentFire knew that they would have to partner with a robust real estate data provider.

Although Nilsson admits that they initially were looking at a few different providers, he says that they ultimately chose to work with ATTOM because of the freshness of the data available.

AgentFire utilizes ATTOM’s property data API to provide on-demand demographic and school data, as well as information about home sales and local market trends.

“It’s because of ATTOM that we’re able to create these hyper-local tools for our client base, he says, “The datasets we get from them are all key components to the neighborhood guides I mentioned earlier.”

Nilsson and his team feel that their relationship with ATTOM will continue for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, a couple of factors weigh in their decision to stay put.

“The API is easy to work with and, whenever there is an issue, ATTOM’s customer service is great,” he explains, simply. “We have no plans to switch from ATTOM and, in fact, we’re even looking at purchasing additional types of data from them.”

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